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  1. For Arnold - this is the only change he'll make and it'll be the same turgid performance.
  2. I'll give it a miss then, I don't need two micropenises.
  3. In Soviet Russia..... ...no, you fuck off.
  4. Because he gave one of the lads a fiver to stick a bet on for him, and he went straight to the bar with it and got a pint of John Smith.
  5. Side by side or on top of each other? Just wondering if it's possible to add a few inches to the old boy or if I'll end up with an extra cock.
  6. Isn't this just a rehash of the Truss cheese rant?
  7. Because we've been absolutely fucking brilliant in the opening two games of the Euros. You seriously need to up your game with with the WUMery, you're getting lazy tbh and it's sad to see.
  8. They had three match threads up for our friendly vs Spurs down under - their lack of self-awareness is unrivalled
  9. He would have been on their shortlist because he was cheap. No way have they parted with more than £1.50 in compo for him.
  10. So were they just working down the French league managers and stopped when they got to one that was brain dead?
  11. I really don't think he's going anywhere tbh. Especially now Ten Slag is staying on at Man Utd.
  12. Mainoo has a whiff of Willock about him. He's in a similar mould in that he's pacey and drives forward with the ball (at least from what I have seen). He should be a great sub to bring on to stretch a tired midfield and get us up the pitch. But Southgate would want him to sit deep beside Rice.
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