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  1. Agree on Willock but I think the tactical tweak was key too. We played a similar game at Villa and Fulham and won comfortably as well.
  2. It’s mental that her party line is all about the high immigration she is directly responsible for. It’s even more mental that she’s probably high up the list of candidates to replace Sunak after they are cunt punched in the next election.
  3. Clearly none. I got a CRB check to work in social housing, despite being in a job that had little to no interaction with residents. I also know of someone not getting shortlisted with Northumbria Police because they had a tattoo with swearing in it (not me, none of mine are vulgar ). But this cunt was perfectly fine to employ.
  4. based on this 1.3m being dead is at least 1.9m too few
  5. Got me bog rolls ready for wah trip tew the fountain, marra just in case there’s another pando and ah cannit nick any from Herrons. Ahm not yewsin me socks again, ahm still pickin peanut shards out me toenails from tha playoff final.
  6. Looks like Matty Longstaff is off to Toronto FC.
  7. Just been reading up on this as I knew he was facing a ban but hadn't been arsed enough to pay much attention. So they find testosterone metabolites in his system and provisionally suspend him - he then calls bullshit and demands a counter-test - which also returns a positive result I think he's probably been done over by someone here, as he's had every opportunity to come clean and have a more lenient punishment but has fought it (despite knowing he was facing a four year ban) which I can only think he's done because he had no idea he was ingesting PEDs - I wonder if any other Juve players were tested, as let's be honest, it's not like they aren't the most corrupt and devious club to ever grace the game.
  8. Can't wait to see Man City and Chelsea competing in the final of the FA Vase after each win the Conference North and South, respectively.
  9. The former? Pass. But I reckon the latter loves belting out a bit of Bee Gees on the karaoke when he's had a few whiskeys.
  10. Does it say how much they are over? Surely it's just a case of selling one of their main players really like Ramsay or Watkins - I couldn't imagine they are miles over the threshold. Cunts should have sold us Ramsay when we asked for him
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