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  1. Harrison Ashby: Harry has unfortunately injured himself and missed out on the last 2 games, originally the Swansea boss said it was a hamstring issue and he should be back in 2-3 weeks but Harry is currently back with us for further investigating. Lets hope its nothing too serious and he can get back to playing footy quick smart. Garang Kuol: Came off the bench and got 33 minutes in this 5-0 hammering. Honestly... not much to say, he had 5 touches all game, they were completely outclassed. Yankuba Minteh: Continuing his return from injury, it wasnt the best week for Feyenoord as they lost both of their matches last week. Minteh go to start in the Champions League against Atletico and was Feyenoords best player on the day, although he didnt get on the scoresheet, he played a great game. A different story on the weekend though against PSV who are currently sitting 1st in the Dutch league, Minteh came off the bench and got half hour but was unable to turn around the game, dropped a mid performance. After going over the Atletico game and seeing what he did I was ready to say "He's ready!!" but simmered down from the PSV game. Still going to say it though, lets bring him back in January!! (Sorry Miggy and Murphy)
  2. I said dont @ me. The last time I posted in this thread was back in July. Liverpool, got lucky. Arsenal, if that was allowed against us you would have screamed murder, tap in, Chelsea, midtable team with 10 men Manure, cant even handle our B team, tap in. Toodles.
  3. Because he scored a couple of lucky tap ins? He's still a headless chook, no creativity no technique, keeps getting found out against proper big teams. Cant wait for the day our funds are proper sorted and we can start getting the Grealishes, the Leaos's, the Neymars. Proper players. Dont @ me in this muppets thread again please
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