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  1. Can I post up goals? France - Ecuador Goals 1-0 Gomis http://www.yousportz.com/watch/977cd0cefdafc40175a9/Watch http://superuploader.net/c8486d0435b5cf55c...dbad535e92.html 2-0 Gomis http://www.yousportz.com/watch/63bd7724556d62e70e25/Watch http://superuploader.net/50778d86b74aea091...e514d47d68.html ______ Other Rescue on the line - Thuram http://www.yousportz.com/watch/88771bb06faf8d6ec065/Watch http://superuploader.net/0f9722f9191b3002b...d25b098c3e.html Shoot Ben Arfa http://www.yousportz.com/watch/20ea78ef75544826c814/Watch http://superuploader.net/d6
  2. BabyCream, £4 for a pint of Fosters ffs.
  3. For fuck sake You could put together a better compilation of Shola than that. I know fuck all about Italian football but I'm sure we could do better than this. Man City are interested in Lukas Podolski, and he might go, why aren't we? tbf Podolskis been pretty shite since the World Cup. Pandev's a quality player and would be an asute buy (and no I don't play FM).
  4. I was gonna make a thread about the ballboys like, the ones in the east stand just didnt move, if I was a 10 year old ballboy at SJP I'd be sprinting for every ball that came remotley near me.
  5. When nicky butt was at birmingham and didn't turn up one saturday for the game because he'd been dropped. and nobody knew what had happened or where he was. i think it was bbc sport's website that had the headline "bruce to launch internal butt probe".
  6. Sacked the Board, Sacked the Board, Sacked the Board
  7. Definately worth a gamble imo.
  8. Nufc [ 26 ] [100.00%] West Ham [ 0 ] [0.00%]
  9. fm addict tbh I dont even play FM mate, I just sorta ran out of realistic targets near the end.
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