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  1. Stretch - Why Did You Do It fckin evergreen! shagg-a-delic song
  2. Soooooo.........Ashes is some kind of a World Cup for cricket, eh? And cricket is some kind of sport, eh? hahahahahahahahahha
  3. Gejon legend!!! Que pasa?
  4. Yeah, got two pms... I seen a porn with all kinds of reaks, including a bloke like that.... Bloody terrible. Imagine going to a swimming pool
  5. Aye, I was locked up for a murder of some anmoying forum members Good to see you KCG Didn't quite understan what was your question on WWI? Serbia basiclly won the war for the Allies.... I don't know how it's said in English, but "Solunski front" was key to winning the war.
  6. Well of course he did. Anyway, she looks far better on the above photo than normally...
  7. hahahahhaahah Noone loves me. Me don't care!
  8. That's one dirty avatar, Craig man
  9. Yes, that is quite true, but it doesn't say what the acual colours represent. When my country was named Jugoslavija(Yugoslavia) - which actually means 'South Slavens' or something like that - JUG=South..., colours of the flag were blue-white-red, and those were, for example, colours of the national footbal team (blue shirts,white shorts, and red socks). At that time blue was representing the sky, and red-blood spilled for freedom or something like that. Don't know if the white meant that white people lived there, don't know that.... Anyway it's history now, and you see the Serbian flag
  10. Mate, how can i actually DOWNLOAD the vid? http://files.filefront.com/Taylor_v_Celta_...;/fileinfo.html SWEET Cheers for that!
  11. Mate, how can i actually DOWNLOAD the vid?
  12. Aye someone should post a video of the goal and celebrastion. Not everyone gets to see games on tv! And looking at that 'come dancing' photo posted earlier, what is the point of white names written across black and white stripes????
  13. Aww... Breaking hearts is a hobby to you, isn't it? Nije dobro!!!
  14. Hey Rob W my friend I love you, do you love meeee ?
  15. Surely not normal?? Can I get a quick update on chances or whatever interesting happened? I cannot see or hear the game, I can only read what's gannin....
  16. It says on bbc site that we have 26% possesion!?!?!?!? It it reallt that bad?????
  17. Why won't they leave the little grasshopper alooooooooone?!?!
  18. Did anyone see the way Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien are making fun of britney's husband?
  19. Couldn't care less to be honest. Angelina Jolie's sextape, now that would be another matter
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