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  1. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Press embargo to keep us all in suspense. Say what you like about the Fat Controller, he's shown himself to be a master at running the PR game at this luvverly luvverly rollercoaster - how many to mass outside the club offices chanting "Sack the board" now?
  2. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Everytime you post with that avatar you make me think its some wonderful news! Shearer should offer Nobby his No. 9 shirt.
  3. Jenas went for 7m

    It's the fans' fault!
  4. Jenas having medical at Spurs now

    Scott Parker - 6.5 million JJ - 8 - 9 million Decent deal - really. Dunno how Spurs are going to use him though, they have more central midfielders than wor lot before the Great Clear Out of '05.
  5. Jenas having medical at Spurs now

    What's the craic over in the shop about fresh inbound transfers Mr Flintoff?
  6. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Not as a right winger perhaps, but he'd be ace as a "Pitchside Translator" for Luque. Really wouldn't mind him back - then get Olly Bernard in and recall Laurent Robert and Milner after a few months - two players for every position sorted!
  7. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Would Solano in for Milner AND Jenas out be too much for our squad to bear?
  8. *The official Solano returns? thread

    Just to give this topic a bump - how many think O'Leary's starting to set up shop in advance?
  9. Hello lads (and ladies..)

    Yeah I remember Rafa (the poster not the manager! ) started a thread to wish wor lot a good run in the season. Goes both ways too, HTT is getting a fairly decent reception on the RAWK site with his "cheer up" post too. Take care, and as long as the 4-3 scoreline happens in our favour this season, I wouldn't mind that sort of excitement, like!
  10. Hello lads (and ladies..)

    Thanks for your sentiments flagpole. If you are Softlad on the other board, its back up and running. Accept my profuse apologies if you aren't though. Good luck to LFC nonetheless for the season ahead.
  11. *The official Solano returns? thread

    If we've made enquires, it at least means that we're looking to fill the right wing position, Solano or not. Concern is that Liverpool could outbid us just as a "right back at'cha" move for Owen.
  12. I work in a one of the NUFC club stores

    Any orders yet for 300 - S 300 - O 300 - L 300 - A 300 - N 300 - O Jimbo's telly + Flintoff's letter orders = better source than SSN!
  13. *The official Solano returns? thread

    If this actually turns out to be true, then the "big bang" theory that some of wor lot have been suspecting a week ago has come to pass. FFS lets us hang on without signing anyone. We scream for the board's dismissal. One more day before the close of the transfer window - TWO players who will improve our team no end! One a world-class striker, another a favoured adopted son. This is PR at its most outrageous. Sacrifice 11 points, but you can hardly blame us for being boring, eh? Oh my giddy aunt!
  14. Last Minute Liverpool Bid?

    That's fucked it then! Edit: Bastid Gemmill beat me to it! 22979[/snapback] To be fair to the fella he mentioned that he had been worried about Liverpool nicking him when the heard the stories this morning but he said that Shepherd had told him personally that he would be signing for us no question. 22988[/snapback] Don't forget who's still holding on to the wife and kid, eh? Until he signs on the contract at least.
  15. Last Minute Liverpool Bid?

    What's this talk about "luring Owen"? Its not like they failed to reach an agreement with the player - he'd walk back to them even if they paid him in sand. They will not match our bid for Owen and that's that. Load of utter bollocks. Amazing how the press can put out this shite without being held at all accountable.

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