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  1. Completely disagree. The pendulum has swung swell over to the point that the player and his agent dictate virtually all dealings. If a player wants to go,the contract is meaningless. The buying club knows the seller will fold except in very rare circumstances.If a player wants to see out the length of the contract, he stays and bleeds the club dry as the club is tied. Contracts these days are farcical. Only somebody with their head up their arse would think otherwise.
  2. Just lucky I guess. When I've been having a bath and making toast at the same time, the toaster has never fallen in. Which bit on contracts do you not agree with? Enlighten me.
  3. Contracts mean fuck all these days except for preventing a club getting rid of a player who proves to be shite.
  4. I still can't believe that Wenger has become so out of touch with French football that he missed out on these players. It just beggars belief.
  5. sniffer


    I think they are probably all spoken for. Which is good.
  6. I thought ameobi had a decent game for a change in a non-threatening way. He held the ball up and put himself about a bit. He looked a lot more useful than Cisse but thats not saying much. Saying that,it was a strange sort of game IMO. I thought they always looked capable of scoring, had plenty of chances but not much luck plus Krul was amazing. Just as well with the number of crosses we allowed them to get in.
  7. I wouldn't. I doubt he is anywhere near facing a decent premiership winger like Lennon, for example, who'd go past him at will. He's maybe one for the future but he looks like he has a lot to learn.
  8. Unlike arsenal, we have been conditioned to have low expectations. And tbh, apart from the cup runs and a very brief flirtation with the big boys over ten years ago, you have to go back to Edwardian times for us to be considered a big club. If arsenal don't get their finger out and spend some cash, they'll be also, also rans like us and groom players to sell on as they've done recently. It all starts at the top with a vision to win, we don't have that and neither do they at the moment.
  9. I hear it takes, on average, three days for the french worker to make one of these flags.
  10. Dear pissed off in the US, every Newcastle game this season has been shown on the telly. Today is no exception as the game is live on FS+. Along with all the english clubs involved. Nowt like a rant when you don't know what you are on about to make yourself look stupid.
  11. I'm willing to bet anybody on this board would give up any qualifications to play in the premier league for any team that would have them. Or the championship. Or the...
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