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  1. If Shearer becomes manager

    I've got too much admiration and respect for Shearer. I would rather him work in the lower leagues first to game some experience whilst finishing his badges. Eventually be groomed as a top class coach along a oood #1 and then maybe...just maybe join the Toon. Hopefully not too late like Sir Bobby, who joined the Toon way too late.
  2. I can sleep soundly tonight ...until we play Stoke
  3. quite old... Shoot em up with Clive Owen and monica (this was from a download!) 6/10
  4. I need help. I was talking to my mate who's a Boro fan and we talked about all the flops we brough. Stephan Guivarch, Silvio Maric, Marcelino, Boumsong, Bramble, Tomasson, Cordone (and that other guy we brought with him, some Paraguay player called Diego something). There were others too. But one of them COULD have been purchsed by us if not for Chelski. They got him. But I have forgotten who he was! Such as the shit seasons he had for the Blues. Who is he? Apparently he was the Dutch leagues top scorer but he came to the Prem and got shut out. Its been bugging me all day today so any names will be appreciates!
  5. That Bluetooth Clip Your All Talkin About

    Whats all the fuss about anyway? (checks pms)
  6. Where are the avatar/sig battles?

    here's one for you Laz: 107979[/snapback] Why is that for Laz? I love Jun!!! If anyone has seen My Sassy Girl would understand that.
  7. Where are the avatar/sig battles?

    Ain't no one gonna say 'Jesus Wept'? Seems like a prequistite for 995 of the threads here
  8. If anyone has an avatar or sig that they wanna show off. Then here's the place to do it
  9. Deal or no deal

    That show is somewhat decent.
  10. 'Contractual reasons' ...bloody footballers agents!
  11. Official Fantasy Football Thread 05/06

    Hi everyone, just so you know...my team is Lee's Magpies
  12. radio link doesn't work. But hopefully we'll win!
  13. Toon - Villa: Official Match Thread

    url for radio webcast?
  14. More than 50 members of this forum

    lol I used to avidly post in the ol' toonchat.

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