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  1. Someone hasn't recovered :lol::lol: http://www.toontastic.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=12248
  2. http://www.toontastic.net/forum/index.php?...029&st=140# Get well soon Leazes Delima
  3. Laughing loudly at the usual suspect
  4. Well, maybe we should try to buy him back ? The 5th best chairman over the past decade has already ruled out him coming back here after he sent his son some nasty texts. He could have played in the Nou Camp in a Newcastle shirt. But because he loves the club so much and doing what was best for the team, he decided he'd punch Materazzi in the first 5 minutes of the first group game against Inter, helping the team to a 10-man 4-1 home defeat, and then being suspended for the trip to Barcelona. What fucking difference does it make what stadium
  5. I said "But Le Sib AND La Rossi have helped us tremendously." "Le Sib AND Rossi" as a whole Technically if I said "Le Sib AND Bernard have helped us tremendously" it is still correct even though Bernard's contribution is minimal. Back to Rossi. In retrospect I still hold the opinions that the loan deal was a good deal for us (not for Man U). Played a few good games for us, scored a few goals. If Sibierski or Martins were injured we would have a replacement available. It could have much better if Roeder played him more often instead of the ineffective Milner (as striker) and Ameob
  6. Still an excellent deal for Birmingham.
  7. I quite like the bold bit. If this is your plan then good luck to you Glenn, quality loan-signings could solve our problem temporarily and buy us time. But quality and loan don't come together naturally so if you fail to deliver them you should know that you would have done poorly in this transfer window. And please, beggar can't be chooser. We can't always insist on qualities. It would be silly to miss out any new player at all because they are not of the highest quality. In the summer you brought in Bernard and Sib on free, and Rossi on loan. We are unlucky with Bernard's injury. But Le
  8. Birmingham paid 1M £. Soccerbase, BCFC. Upson wasn't a better player than Bramble that time, let alone far better. Also, I am not saying Spector is a far better player, and I have never said that Spector is a solution to our defensive problem. All I am saying is that Spector would represent good value for investment (which we shouldn't miss) as he has prodigee, he is cheap (West Ham bought him for 500k), he is young yet has premiership experience, and he is already better than both Carr and Ramage.
  9. With all due respect to Ramage lad, many defenders (including Moore and Bramble) are significant improvements over him. When Upson first came out from Arsenal, he wasn't any improvement over our then first choice centre backs. However if we have invested a bit of money (Birmingham paid 1 million), see what the rewards we could be reaping now? Even if Boumsong and Bramble were not to turn bad drastically Upson could still be a quality centre half back up. And now we have to pay 6M to get him!
  10. Baggio however does not like us buying big club youth rejects Seriously though 6M is a lot, especially at our current financial quagmire created by the board. I am not entirely convinced that 6M for Upson would be a good deal for us. At 6M or slightly less we should/could maybe get Wes Brown - Manchester United Foreign defender - Foreign club Tal Ben Haim - Bolton Khalid Boulahrouz - Chelsea (may get him at this price after 1 particularly awful performance that upset Mourinho so much) Slyvain Distin - Manchester City Mikel Silvestre - Manchester United Anton Ferdinand -
  11. Incidentally, those who wanted Robson out are those who love Shepherd on the helm.
  12. Worse. Debts. Poor club structure. Injury inducing training facility. Unproductive youth academy.
  13. Excellent Candidates Ottmar Hitzfeld - Free agent. Swiss Super league, Bundesliga, Champions League winner. Paul Le Guen - Miss the chance to sign him. Marcello Lippi - Free agent; Serie A, European Cup, World Cup winner, Arrigo Sacchi - Free agent; Serie A, European Cup winner. Rafael Benitez - Might be sacked by Liverpool Wink La Liga, Champions League winner. Claudio Ranieri - Free agent. Success with all the clubs he is involved except Athletico Madrid. Guus Hiddink - If Russia do not qualify for Euro Championship, he might resign. Sven Goran Eriksson - Share a nice hobby with F
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