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  1. no, that's Pluto Goofy's bigger, I believe... plus, he can talk
  2. Want them to drop, but also want them to beat Spurs this weekend!
  3. As long as we avoid the drop, it'll be about all I really expected out of this season, tbh.
  4. From your telescope in far off Canada, perhaps you could tell us all the clubs with great directors who have spent mega millions on players more than us at this stage Hate to give geography lessons but California is a long way from Canada. Well... technically, only two states away... and it's not like Oregon and Washington are really worth mentioning, anyway...
  5. Anyone who had any serious trophy expectations for this season is way overly-optimistic. We're still trying to rebuild from the Souness reign of terror, not to mention losing Shearer permanently and Owen for the season. This season was nothing more than a write-off from the get-go, and as long as we finish mid-table or slightly better, it'll be all anyone should realistically have expected. Thrilled that we're still in the UEFA, and hopefully we can get lucky a few more times, but I wasn't expecting any silverware this year to begin with. What the club needs to do now is get itself sorted
  6. Draws against Wigan, Sheffield, and Watford? I know they're away games, but ffs, we'd better take all 9 points from those 3...
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