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  1. FIFA 11 League [PS3]

    80% the other 20% is spent workin
  2. FIFA 11 League [PS3]

    Pooptashhh - Tottenham
  3. Toontastic 5-a-Side [@ Eldon Leisure]

    am game (means yes for the silly people)
  4. Who'll get sacked first?

  5. Ex Girlfriend Troubles

    Teabag her
  6. Ex Girlfriend Troubles

    Fuck her. Get a new lass or just be gay
  7. Any way back for Ashley ?

    I'd like you to twice this lick my balls FYP twice?
  8. Any way back for Ashley ?

    I'd like to twice this
  9. Newcastle v Man City

    i agree like bawan the poor lad came on still not 100% fit got stuck in when he could hes only young aswell so obv hasnt got much experience of playin at top level he scored a rayker against juve yea so what why do yous critisize so much? i could of critisized tom for not passin but nar nar i kept it to mysel unlike yous
  10. This deadline

    Pretty well sure the deadline was today, so whats happening?
  11. Guess the Movie game

    rrr ana who it is man. Jonny fuckin barnes! :-)
  12. Guess the Movie game

    r is it him of home & away?
  13. Guess the Movie game

    A child! 0o0o close Him off home alone?
  14. Guess the Movie game

    A child!

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