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  1. Wondering if any of these cleaners give 'extras'? A polished knob or a blow job now and again might be worth an extra fiver methinks
  2. My good buddy Snakehips (arguably the greatest poster this board has ever known) told me about this thread. Sooo, with a heavy heart, I bid you farwell. You can delete this account. I'm fucked if I know how to do it myself! Goodbye my friends, it's hard to die Whilst all the birds are singing in the sky.... ...We had joy, we had fun we had sunlun on the run. But the joy did not last cos the bastards ran too fast! Adios
  3. Ironing board. Chess board. Blackboard. Am I allowed to say that last one? There are some fine people on here. And some not so fine. Clever people. Witty people. Nice people. Not so nice people. From all walks of life. And for the disabled amongst us, all wheelchairs of life. Or motor scooters of life. I am likee this board Au revoir.
  4. Look, some folk on here know me, and know I work a lot in India. Some people I know over here have been insistent that Anil Ambani is ready to make a bid. I told them (on numerous occasions) to stop trying to wind me up, but they keep coming back with the same story. Just saying, like.
  5. I see Alex is winding up. Time for me to do one. No doubt Snakehips will be around soon anarl
  6. or perhaps, and I know im going out on a limb here, its because when anyone disagrees with you you become an abusive spastic rather than holding a reasoned discussion afterall I'm not one of this core and I'm doing just fine thanks Just hold on there a minute, mister. I wouldn't be too sure if I were you. Let's just say I've heard things.
  7. Ahhh, the old 'clique' argument. Good strategy. No doubt they're whispering about you on the secret forum as I type
  8. I clearly have. Because when in the miserable group, the website doesn't load. I've already explained this in the thread. Weren't you a mod? Sorry like, I'm confused and a bit thick. If you're banned and the site doesn't load, how are you posting ? Because I made a new account... which clearly isn't banned or having problems loading- so what's the problem? BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE HOVA FFS. JESUS!. I mean, oh, fuck it.....
  9. I'd just like to interject for one second, if I may, and say that is highly impressive of you there, Parky. To take a random handful of popcorn, chuck them nonchalantly towards your mouth and not drop one is exceedingly good. Well done, sir!!
  10. explain yourself little one. Mentally ill! Aren't we all. Some more than others but you're out of your tree as far as this takeover thing is concerned. A tree within a tree. Tree....is a magic number.
  11. I clearly have. Because when in the miserable group, the website doesn't load. I've already explained this in the thread. Weren't you a mod? He was, but only for a brief period in our history. He was sacked for having cold fingers and a cold heart.
  12. So someone's cock has been accepted by someone's face, correct? Now we're getting to my kind of story
  13. Is it Pamas Grass you grow in the front garden to signify swingers in residence?
  14. The mod responsible should come to the fore and give his/her reasoned arguments for the ban. (to be totally honest, I don't really know if he has been banned. I'm really confused by the terminology )
  15. Badges will be available from the tuck shop in due course. Am I the only one who went 'tooot tooot', in time with the tugs on the whistle, when seeing that last emoticon ?? Anyway, I propose Snakehips for mod. All in favour, say Aye. After all, I have a parker, a scooter, a zoot suit jacket (with side vents 5" long) and I have the attention span of a gnat, so a hell of a lot of 'baaad shit' will slip through the net allowing one and all a more 'illuminating' message board. The best suggestion of this whole sorry, most lamentable, episode. Aye.
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