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  1. Get yourself one of these Tom. Used to use one with my 120 watt head and it was great. Built like a tank as well.
  2. Whoah pumpkin, babysteps 1st. Super uber fan zone for you methinks.
  3. That goal was sheer class and if you try to deny that fact then you are an imbecile. I know he didn't turn it on for us due to him telling pardew he was an idiot and falling out but he still had his moments and is still one of my favourites.
  4. American head charge - The war of Art album
  5. Motorola Moto G and a giff gaff sim. It's excellent and doesn't make you wince every time you sit down with tight jeans on.
  6. Hope you're up and about soon Fist. Good luck!
  7. Wor lass has just turned veggie today............... ............big fuckin bus hit her!
  8. its fuckin hoying it down here.
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