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  1. I would give him a go, although I suggest it may be problematic given his Palace experience with the lack of control.
  2. This does wonders for our goal difference when it comes down to the wire. Great job Pardew...
  3. Does either really care? Seems like they've both gone to a bit of effort so I assume so. I know what you mean but my real point was that the Chronicle has a captive audience anyway, and Llabia has opened his cake hole for the first time in the last week despite all that has gone on which is pretty shameful.
  4. Aye, was gutted watching that when he was sold. But if you're reading this Nobby, welcome home Bonny Lad you've been missed
  5. Yep he's the one. Likes to think he is being authorative whereas in reality he is spurting utter shite. As for Adrian Durham... he is a total gobshite. talkSPORT's modus operandi is to wind people up with proposterous good cop/bad cop type of shows... remember Alan Brazil and Mike Parry's breakfast show. The Scouse Mackem used to always talk utter shite just to get the callers on the line. Being an independent station they will get revenue from calls and as Parry is Sports Director there he will be targeted on revenue! The current "drive time" show is no different with Rod Marsh and P
  6. Arguably one of the prem's most intelligent footballing brains has returned. Welcome home Nobby!
  7. The man is a fat, lying cunt..... .....but he hasn't done half bad today though. 25929[/snapback] I knocked the fat one like everyone else. However he has redeemed himself today
  8. What a turnaround now to my mood from 3 days ago. We now have width and a strike force. Take my hat off to Fred here mind.
  9. id say its cos its 35mins to the deadline and no news? 25871[/snapback] 35 mins is 35 mins... when was his medical?
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