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  1. Jenas scrapping the barrel for wingers a bit. Why not send young Bentley on, Mcclaren you fucking clueless nobless twat!
  2. duffdowns


    Your username includes the name Newcastle, need I say more.
  3. Mr.England ( owen ) has been fucking crap. Jesus Wept.
  4. Free transfer , from unknown country, approaching 30, Where was Big Sam?
  5. He likes to be known by his full name Nigel REO Coker dont he. Full of himself, Twat. Even Bramble didnt want to be known by his full name Titus Malachi Bramble. Coker is shite, Hes the english Faye. Another billy big bollocks.
  6. Fuck off Nigel you cunny, your crap, Anyone who uses their middle name is bound to be a twat.
  7. duffdowns


    Or the 57 in 116 games for Monaco or helping Monaco to the 2004 Champions League Final? Nonda was rated one of Europes best strikers a few years back, hes just had a torrid time with injuries since 2004, the typical Big Sam signing tbh.
  8. duffdowns


    You mean the time at Zurich when he scored 36 goals in 75 games?
  9. by Hughes you muppet in Jan 2005. Who was managing Toon then fucking Bob Carolgees?!
  10. That Samba bloke is brilliant, he hasnt made any mistake who the fuck are you Stevie Wonders kid? Hughes seems to be the master of picking up bargains Mccarthy - 2mill Samba - 400k Nelsen - free Bentley - under 1 mill Kuqi - free then sold to palace for 2mill A damm sight better players then the 30+year olds Fat sam alway picked up, Hughes would be a very choice for toon manager!
  11. Prepare for Campo and Diouf to be signed then lads! Hoofball United here we come
  12. I hope you stay Glenn. Glenn to stay!
  13. So Roeder did a good job by not signing a shite centre back, only loaning him? credit where its due to our Glenn though
  14. Roeder just needs a chance, lay off the guy people. He's trying his best, Martins was a canny signing, as well as only signing Gooch on loan, so at least we can get rid and are not stuck with googh. Glenn is a smart guy, he'll sort it out in the summer lads. have the faith, Freddy is not going to pay off Bolton for Fat Sam, We're stuck with Glenn whether people like him or not, support the fucker!.
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