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  1. The Boxing thread

    Your superior knowledge on everything is both grinding and dull - just because you think shouting the loudest means you know the most - I am a fan of boxing and appreciate all levels of the sport - you're a dullard fanboy
  2. The Boxing thread

    You really are a grade A cock - Harrison is, was and always will be a fighter without heart, anybody who knows anything about boxing would agree, but to criticise Haye just shows what a dick you are. He may well have took the fight as an easy payday, who can knock him for that?, but he put the work in and got the job done. Haye has produced plenty of high quality performances during his career and I hope he does both Klitchkos, unfortunately for saturday night Harrison reverted to type and proved he had no right to be in the same ring as Haye. You want to stick to subjects you know very little about,as usual, not get involved in ones that you are completely fuckin clueless.
  3. What's with the shocking nonsense?

    Why is it that anybody who doesn't hold your point of view with regard to American foreign policy become immediately branded as soft? - you think your really clever but, honestly, you just come across as a bigoted twat who likes to act the internet hardman - its shockingly pathetic
  4. Thoughts on James Perch

    One of his first games since injury though, so he's given some leeway i guess, where as perch is god awful every week. I take that on board, Ant. It was more me saying Perch would've got dog's abuse rather than me having a pop at Simpson. One thing I noticed about Simpson though, which I noticed last season too, which'll be a problem: he doesn't want the ball when we have it. Because he doesn't have the ability and he knows it. I agree with you too, Chez. Still think Simpson is an upgrade on Perch even though Simpson is poor at times - Steve Taylor would be my choice even though he is maybe a bit too heavy to play RB at full tilt for 90mins.
  5. Carroll

    Jesus - like Gorillas in the mist - horrible that like On the subject of Mr Carroll I hope this fiasco proves a sobering lesson to him and he stops acting the twat
  6. Multiculturalism has failed in Germany

    "poles Worried!" If not, a lurch to the Reich might be more of a worry. Mono-culturism didn't end well for them either
  7. Israel continues its merciless pounding of the defenceless.

    Its incredible that the terrorist atrocities committed against the Palestinians stretching back years have been virtually written out of the history books - it continues without a dissenting word
  8. How big is Africa?

    What decade are you living in? It must be like 'life on mars' in your world
  9. US Military Dictatorship?

    That should be 'your', not 'you're' son; you've got some learning to do, by fucking christ you've got some learning to do. You said I have no right to judge a regime that issues fatwas on thousands of its citizens as well as those of other countries. Who am I to judge them? Who am I to say I'm morally superior? This is what you said. Well listen up son I've got news for you: I'm morally superior to the Ayatollah, and to you. You're a flake, and you don't deserve to live in a free society. Now I'm going to look at some fucking porno, because that's what we do in the west - unless you're Christine O'Donnell, but even then you're still welcome - that's the beauty of the west: emancipation of women, blacks, jews and the rest, and they can all get their boobs out and no one gets rocks thrown at them. Ok sir - bye now
  10. US Military Dictatorship?

    Thanks, I'm not usually prone to violence but this lad has pushed me enough and I've issued a fatwa on him. He's the type of person who deserves to be sent to Iran, exchange him for one of the brave student protesters. An absolute disgrace. not sure that was complimentary - but hey its not the first time you've been completely oblivious to the point that someone was trying to make in this thread
  11. US Military Dictatorship?

    Really? you have the right to an opinion as do I - thats freedom expression you fucktard - and I nowhere did i question you're morality, however, you questioned mine - and as for calling me son - well I think we should just leave things there
  12. US Military Dictatorship?

    From Nolbert Colon: "No, you are comparing your western culture to theirs, which is ridiculous and quite honestly an insult to their way of life - I agree they have little or no tolerance to other religions, homosexuality etc but who the fuck are we to say that is right or wrong And do you think the demonization of the ayatollahs has to do with anything other than oil?" And tooner, it is not his regime it is the Ayatollah's. A man who apparantly I am not morally superior to, though I have not issued thousands of fatwas, and I'm not a religious despot who has presided over the death of thousands. Well I'm fed up of these prats and their driveling nonsense so I will take a stand: I hereby issue a fatwa against Nolbert Colon. You're funny - I was merely stating that neither a citizen of the west nor a citizen of the middle east has the right to decide that the others culture is correct or not - and once again you resort to name calling - don't accuse me of a lower intellect when all you can do is name call and spout off having not even understood what has been said
  13. US Military Dictatorship?

    Just going to quote this in case anyone is in doubt of your true nature. Ok - because its a damning indictment? Yes. Not only of your morality but your general intelligence also. Mmmm ok then - must be nice to live on your self styled moral highground sitting contentedly on your massive IQ - alot easier when anybody who disagrees with you has neither intelligence nor morality.
  14. US Military Dictatorship?

    Saved me typing all that out. I wish you had considering the shitstorm I have entered into Everytime I see one of these threads I mumble to myself not to get involved, but as soon as I see standardixed thinking and predictive programming in every post it's like the French revolution never happenned. The real enemy of the 'West' is it's own people and they know that. How do you go after and control your own people? You create an enemy who doesn't fight on battlefields and might be living next door. The politburo would be proud of what America has achieved in wiping away freedoms of privacy. Lesson learnt here - but the level of brainwashing, scaremongering and downright lying which is spouted by the agenda driven superpowers and then unquestioningly lapped up by some just defies belief.
  15. US Military Dictatorship?

    Saved me typing all that out. I wish you had considering the shitstorm I have entered into

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