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  1. Diana Inquest

    Yes i phoned the credit card company, and i phoned paypal apparantly it takes investigation, they were supposed to be shipped to my home address, they wouldnt disclose how they resolve it, but i dont want to be liable for dodgy dealings, they asked if i had a partner, or any other house member, there is only me.
  2. Diana Inquest

    Enough of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone help? has anyone ever had a creditcard transaction from paypal which has been dodgy???????????????? got one this morning only found out as i recieved statement from a card i dont use, nearly died, supposedly i have bought a nintendo wii and a laptop on the 20th and 21st march, can someone explain?????????? nearly bloody suicidal incase i have to pay for something beyond my control??????????????????????
  3. Benidorm Unpacked

    Dear God. You really need to broaden your horizons. I have broadened my horizons many times ive been t other places to try them out nothing beats the costa blanca i have a faboulous home 40 mins outside benidorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Benidorm Unpacked

    So you've been there 10 times a year, every year, for 23 years? I call bullshit. No one's that stupid. im not stupid either!!!
  5. Benidorm Unpacked

    Yes been there more times than i can account for its no bullshit, i have a house in el campello 4 minutes outside benidorm.
  6. Benidorm Unpacked

    IF any one wants to ask or know any thing ill try my best to help you!!!!!! regards to benidorm
  7. Benidorm Unpacked

    Imo benidorm is a fantastic place if i had my passport stamped it would be full of alicante stamps ive been going for 23 years at a guess about 250 times over this period, if you go there and go to the spanish places its fantastic, ive tried the other side of the tourist bit in 2002 to all the life there is there...eg sticky vicky, albi senior, sexy barbara, dame sticky bun and reg, to many to mention, However i enjoyed that side of it to, the surrounding areas are the most faboulous places ive ever visited, ive tried other places and in my opinion the cost blanca is the best, if you frequent seedy places it is like blackpool and the likes, but if you go explore about its gr8! Hoever goes must see levi at sandras bar, he has a hotel to which serves fab food in the old town, his act is good, whoever hasnt been dont be put off......................Have fun!
  8. C*nts' Corner

    sorry its cunt, not twat ive said that many words i forgot what what i was posting!!!! OOPS!
  9. C*nts' Corner

    ok TWAT!!! thats better sense of relief i feel!!!!
  10. C*nts' Corner

    Id put in the ----? whos just dumped me complete ----!!!!!
  11. numb

    Thats shocking, and i think ive got problems im numb with grief for someone who is still here, split up after an 8 nhalf month relationship, it puts things into perspective reading this, but doesnt make me feel better, any tips welcome thanks!!!!!
  12. Absolut Vodka

    Anyone been to the Absolut ice bar in london? Fantastic Below zero its called just of regent street, areal treat if you like vodka, and like the cold its -40 in there!!! 4 absoluts later and freezing cold i couldnt see walking down regent street!!! Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Magma´s Holiday Update

    once youve seen sexy barbara youll have nightmares for weeks ugly bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Magma´s Holiday Update

    magma here is five good facts 1- go to see sticky vicky 2- and sexy barbara 3-and albi senior blackpools filthy comedian from hartlepool i think 4-get away from the triangle 5- much more better bars out n about beni trust me!!!!!! njoy it iv just returned sat
  15. Sunshine fanny

    Twitcher eh?

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