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  1. Why is there still discussion going on when Peasepud got it right with his first post. Stoke is a fucking shithole. You could firebomb the place and you'd never notice the difference, duck.
  2. Steve


    If your too dumb to explain the articles, move along. My point proven.
  3. Steve


    For fuck's sake. So according to the brain donors in this thread, what's the point in researching anything? Why learn anything new about how the universe works. The close-mindedness and ignorance is incredible, if something doesn't have an immediate real world application then it's worthless? Maybe we should go back and tell anyone involved in scientific research, ever, that they're wasting their time. If you're too dumb to comprehend the articles move on.
  4. Yeah, Sydney's full of horrific stuff.
  5. All immigrants should GTFO. All. Bastards.
  6. The fact that this post went over everyone's head because a Dan Brown bitchfest was taking place makes me want to fucking cry.
  7. Sydney's shit my friend, I'd advise Melbourne if you actually want to go somewhere good.
  8. Cheadle Town FC! Vodkat League (North West Counties) Division One, 10 levels down the football pyramid. Been a few times and the quality is mixed, but always enjoyed myself mostly because I'm a tightarse and the value for money is incredible.
  9. I can't even be bothered to bring myself these day. Sorry Craig. :-(
  10. Steve


    It takes this far into the thread for someone to mention Battlestar Galactica? The new one of course, not the original. You're all shit.
  11. The ancestry visa is great, and after the five years you can apply for permanent residence. But my biggest advice? While London is a great place and a fun place to live, it'll cost you everything you earn. And then some if you're not careful. I did agency work for years, albeit in healthcare, but it can be tough considering there are times you never know if you'll have work the next week. Again, in London, that can be a killer. I've been here for almost six (!) years and have had far better of it outside of London. For what I pay for a sizeable one bedroom in Manchester would struggle to get me a room in a decent sharehouse in London. And I'm not talking shitty parts of Manchester, this is a pretty decent area. The cost of living overall is far lower and can even save money which down south I'd never have been able to do. Living in Fulham/Shepherds Bush/Hammersmith can be comfy because of all the other Aussies, be a little adventurous as well, why leave Australia only to live in the transplanted version in London? Explore the country.
  12. To be fair I think he's done the right thing because I wouldn't want to play for the Poms either.
  13. Bit different when you know 'em isn't it? God you're arrogant these days. Luke's been a twat for years. And all the best Toonraider, I may have taken the piss out of you forever on here but that means nothing when faced with real life. Don't sweat it, it could be nothing but you've done the right thing keeping on top of it. On a lighter note, these people will cark it this year: Martin Landau (have you seen him on Entourage? He looks half dead already sadly) Dustin Hoffman (to follow the real life Rain Man) Kerry Katona (she'll get too fat and use too much coke trying to burn it away fast) George Bush, Sr (old) Keith Richards (he's gotta be close)
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