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  1. Hun Please see your inbox, I'm happy with that, just need location and time details please, asap
  2. How you going with this? had any joy? You could also try www.purestorm.com, lots of TFP's there too
  3. @yourservice, it's in Sunderland, its a really good place, will get some more details together shortly for everyone interested. Are there times/dates that are NOT suitable for anyone?
  4. It's the best way to start, there will be studio staff also there for any techie advice and the models are all experienced so are really easy to work with
  5. I'm arranging a Studio session with 3-4 models, MUA and full sets and lighting rigs for anyone interested in participating. Its a good opportunity to get some studio experience in and see how a real studio functions. There will be a small fee to cover studio costs, the models and MUA will be working on a time for prints basis so basically, anyone you shoot will need a set of prints, preferably edited, you then get to use all you shoot for your own uses also. I will provide model releases if you need them. If you're genuinely interested, give me a shout, date and time yet to be confirmed *Please note, this event is only really suitable for DSLR/SLR users due to the studio equipment.
  6. What, you want a finger aswell?? Sick, Sick puppy lol
  7. OMFG, You'll be wanting your back doors kicking in next
  8. Though you might find this photoshop tute useful X-Ray photography
  9. You'd just need your camera, the studio provide all the lighting and remotes etc
  10. I've had a few samples from Vistaprint and they are ok, you need to make sure your photos are spot on with colour and lighting though as they can come out darker sometimes Ive had a few business cards and t shirts and they were fine. Tried that site you put in but just didnt find it easy to use their software etc. I know, DS have just changed it about a month ago, its a nightmare now, I go in through the back way so to speak, try this http://dscolourlabsupload.livelinkprint.com/order they are definatly worth the messing around though
  11. I've had a few samples from Vistaprint and they are ok, you need to make sure your photos are spot on with colour and lighting though as they can come out darker sometimes
  12. I have worked as a tog as my main job for a while now and it's a really competitive industry. I work more part time now though with the credit crunch, work has hit a lull and being a new mammy, so many people want so much for nothing, then you'll get clients who will happily sacrifice quality for price, when it comes to that you just have no chance at compeating Weddings are a 'funny' market to hit. you have to be careful that your prices are competative enough but on the same hand if you offer too much or are too cheap you get overlooked and judged as not good enough and as I say, very competative. I have a good mix of work but on average get more portrait/portfolio work, I used to have my equipment set up at home but since the little one arrived the family room has had to go back to being just that lol so I cart my equipment to the client, but that seems to work well at the mo as I target Mammies and bairns and that fits in well with their circumstances. You've got to be confident no matter what you want to specialise in, if you go in too overcautiouse you will cock things up, if you can't make people listen to you without coming across as being a grumpy ole fart then you'll end up with pics full of pissed off looking people, not good lol. Lots of prep before your shoots and know your subjects before hand, spend a little time researcing locations before the shoot and know your limits. Most other people I know who do this also have a main or a part time job and run their business's at the weekends and evenings, tbh thats when most people need you anyhow and you've got to be prepaired to do a lot of shoots for free, build up your portfolio, it's your 'shop front' and I can't stress it enough PUBLIC LIABILITY & INDEMNITY INSURANCE. It doesn't matter how good you are or how safe you think you are it only takes one hard to please mother in law to decide you've not caught her 'right' side to turn a fab album in to a crap one and demand compo or kids running around during a shoot and slip on your background and you've got a nightmare on your hands. I'm thinking of arranging a group studio session shortly at a local studio with some experianced models if anyone is interested in giving a studio shoot a go, there will be a small fee but it wont be much. I'll stick some details up shortly
  13. I don't do much shopping on wedding shoots, generally just cropping, maybe just tweek curves on the odd one, on larger prints and album work I'll do a bit of dodge and burn depending on what the client wants. Studio shoots take loads of work though because of the green screen and airbrushing imperfections
  14. I always use DS Colour labs for all my printing http://www.dscolourlabs.co.uk they are really good. I've had loads of calendars from them and have been really impressed, they use full gloss photographic paper and look the business for gifts, think they are about £10-12 for a decent sized one
  15. Wrap the chicken in silver foil first. It keeps the chicken moist and also stops you having to clean chicken off the grill Or do the chicken in a marinade so you've got summat to spoon over it while it's grilling. Either way, Foreman grills are spot on but - as mentioned - they can be an absolute sod to clean. They say you should do it while the grill's still warm, but that tends to be when I'm eating what I've just cooked on it. They used to come with a non stick plastic comb type thing for cleaning them, great until you melt it
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