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  1. Did you enjoy the game on Saturday? Do you think we can finish in fourth? What do you think of our £8 million striker? What about the goals and assist from our £4 million international midfielder? What do you make of the PFA team of the season? Are you proud to see our skipper in the side? Do you think Pardew should be manager of the year? Are you pleased we finished above Liverpool? Are you happy with the way the club is being run?
  2. Is that because when you have tried you've been absolutely dismantled time and time again? You trotted your bile out time and time again both on here and on skunkers and its came back to bite you on the arse big time.
  3. Will you be showing your face on Skunkers again, just there's an awful lot of threads been bumped that make you look very silly? In short, Pardew, Mike and Decka have tucked you up nicely. Look forward to a prompt response mate.
  4. Talking to yourself is surely the sign of a mentally ill man. LeazesMag 175 NJS 56 Toonpack 46 Renton 21 manc-mag 17 McFaul 16 ChezGiven 13 Qwertyo 13 jonasjuice 12 jaythesouthernmag 9 alex 8 Rob W 7 Christmas Tree 7 Holden McGroin 6 Mad Jock 5 DEADMAN 4 Gemmill 3 JawD 3 Happy Face 3 Tioté's Nutz 3 bobbyshinton 2 acrossthepond 2 Pacinofan 2 Jusoda Kid 2 ackas 2 ewerk 2 Geordio Armani 2 Noelie 2 Phil 1 peasepud 1 Ollie Burtons Grandad 1 The Fish 1 Scottish Mag 1 snakehips 1 trophyshy 1 Jonny2J 1 toonotl 1 spongebob t
  5. Can you repeat the answers to my questions first (if you've answered them) as I can't be bothered to trawl through ten days inane ramblings of a mad man then have to ask Rob W to borrow his enigma machine to decipher them. You're off your nut mate, this thread has confirmed it but at least its kept your wanking material in one place.
  6. Cracking letter here: Your Letters Dear tf, After reading the editorial about Andy Carroll, I (along with others judging by the subsequent correspondence) am sure that I must have missed the paragraph in which you wrote "if Andy Carroll had wanted to stay at Newcastle, he could have simply refused to leave" because it seems such an obvious point that scholars of all things NUFC such as yourselves would not have missed it. Of course Ashley wanted to sell for £35m, but quite clearly Carroll also wanted to go, otherwise he would have stayed. It's as simple as that and the whole episode simp
  7. Ariston and on and on: Leazesmag says: The FACTS are that from 1992 until 2007 the club was owned by THE HALLS AND SHEPHERD . Nobody during all of that time, had sole control of the club. Keegan was approached by Hall Jnr, Fletcher and Shepherd without Hall Snr knowing about it, they forced him to sack Ardiles and appoint Keegan. This has been said dozens of times, quite why people like you insist Halls Snr gets all the credit when he knew nothing about it, is quite astonishing. You just really couldn't believe such shite. It's mind boggling. How can this be .................. Qu
  8. Stop dancing around the questions like a fucking fairy Leazes and answer them you numpty, you've been dodging them for weeks. Then I'll answer yours.
  9. If Newcastle finish in the top ten it is only the 5th time in the last decade. Shepherd says he would have sold Carroll for £35m also The mortgage was due to be paid off in full by 2013, how would have this happened under the old regime? Can I ask you only comment on the facts above please. Regards Mad jock
  10. Your daughters boyfriends sound a bit light on their feet to me.
  11. two lumps of sick walking down the road one says to the other this street brings back memories for me...the other one says hows that......the first one says ........i was brought up here .
  12. Mad Jock


    wot a load of saddo,s talking asda, tesco etc etc ... must have nowt better to do like a load of fishwifes........get a life........if you are gonna talk a load of shite talk about the sad mackems ...now that is 100%shite ta ra
  13. The dark haired one is Kev Kaizley I think.
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