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  1. That's exactly what I thought - 500K, did a good job when given a chance and caused absolutely no bother when he was here. Not exactly a waste of cash in my book.
  2. Got to agree - got meself a nice DVD / Hard Drive Combo Xmas 2004 and have never looked back. Never have to find a tape any more, and have found myself recording more than ever.
  3. Charlton Heston Thatcher (God willing!) Greame Souness Pope Palpatine Shawn Michaels
  4. .... and Fat Fred was expecting to win a trophy at least under Souness.
  5. It is in stats - but with regards to the way we are playing we are more likely to be playing Derby matches next year rather than european.
  6. Sorry - shouldn't have been attempting (and failing) to sound coherant at that time of night with that much booze on board! When I read that report it made me think that Arse had actually written it himself, describing everything that they did almost poetically while Newcastle won the game becasue we decided to kick the shit out of them in the second half . It also took exception to Alan Shearer playing a physical game and getting stuck into them without mentioning that he was dishing out what he had been receiving throughout this game.
  7. Racialist TBH. 66612[/snapback] You've obviously never seen or heard the bloke tbh 66615[/snapback] Excellent Stand-Up - heard about it in the pizza shop.
  8. "Are You Sunderland In Disguise?"
  9. A fantastic piece of completely unbiased journalism from bbc.co.uk Nolberto Solano's late winner eased the pressure on Newcastle boss Graeme Souness in a stormy clash with Arsenal. Arsenal totally dominated the first half, with Shay Given denying Thierry Henry with a brilliant save. But Newcastle's physical approach rattled the Gunners after the break and Gilberto was sent off after 56 minutes for two bookable offences. And Newcastle's spirited display earned victory when Alan Shearer set up Solano to fire home with nine minutes left. Newcastle were able to recall Mi
  10. Isn't that how Souness got the job in the first place - it was either that or he was going to cost nowt to bring in as he'd completely arsed up his last job and was going to be sacked anyway. Can't remember which it was... Hmmmm... wonder what the odds are for Alain Perrin getting the job
  11. Possibly being one of the biggest fans of Nobby, it does gall me to have to say that so far his contribution has been next to nowt in terms of actual end product - i.e. goals. He did look OK when he had Carr overlapping and bombing down the right but has only had this for one game (I think off the top of my head). Also, even when he was doing well for us he would disappear in most away games. Even when playing in a wide role since returning he has spent too much of his time moving into a more central position. Is this the advice of the tactical genius or the choice of the player - eit
  12. It's that far back I cannot remember ever playing well!
  13. According to the BBC test rumours page, by the Express it is reckoned that either manager to lose tomorrow will get the push. Looks like a draw then.
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