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  1. At least we didn't get gazumped by Chelsea or Man U, and we're obviously in need of a forward now, and not next summer.
  2. Nottingham Forest have hired Lee Charnley as a consultant to help them in their transition to the PL 😂 Fucking hell, first they take a scattergun approach to signing players, sign tic toc star and mercenary Lingard, and now they're hiring Penfold. Whoever is running their club has more money than sense.
  3. It could just be a negotiating tactic, but either way they will be looking for an over the odds fee. Given the clubs apparent strict policy of only going for players if they think they will get value, with Wood being the exception, I can't see us getting him.
  4. With Werner off their wage bill, and with whatever fee they get, it could be that Chelsea are extra motivated to go after Sesko who they as mentioned have been linked to. There's a strong danger that even if we manage to negotiate a fee with Salzburg, if indeed we are really serious about him, Chelsea or Man U will swoop in at the last minute.
  5. According to Romano Arsenal were never interested in this Guedes guy, and he hasn't even mentioned our name, so it appears Wolves have a clear run at him even if we do hold an interest. Sesko and maybe a loan winger would be decent, but again it seems unlikely we'll get Sesko given Man U and Chelsea have shown interest, Sesko himself has supposedly said he'd prefer to continue his developement at Salzburg for another season, and Salzburg themselves are loath to lose him this early in his Salzburg career.
  6. Tough convincing a Portuguese player to join us when Wolves are involved, if these reports hold any weight. Of course if he isn't excited about our potential, and would rather the comfort of having numerous fellow countrymen around him, then he's probably not the right sort of character to begin with.
  7. Ten minute extended highlights Newcastle United - Extended highlights: Newcastle United 2 Nottingham Forest 0 (nufc.co.uk)
  8. Looks like Hudson-Odoi is going to either Southampton or Leicester if he leaves Chelsea, so despite the rumours I doubt we were ever in for him, or at least have changed our minds. Hopefully that's a good sign in that we aren't scrambling around trying to loan Chelsea cast offs. So Guedes is off to Arsenal most likely, or perhaps Wolves given the Portuguese connection, and Hudson-Odoi is off to Southampton or Leicester. 😂 Shame this is a Newcastle transfer news thread.
  9. That's Martinelli fucked then. Might have to get rid from my FF team.
  10. Hudson-Odoi was left out of Chelsea's squad today and he's not injured, along with Alonso who's on his way to Barca. Could be nothing but it could indicate he's on his way out the door along with Alonso.
  11. Realistically I would assume Fofana is, out of the two, the one most agitating for a move. A big money, big wages move to Chelsea is obviously more enticing than a move to us at present. Of course we are a club on the up, but we've yet to match any of Leicester's recent achievements, even if they had a bad season last year. So it could be argued that we are a sideways move at best, again even if we have the potential to quickly overtake Leicester.
  12. Obviously YouTube videos aren't the best way to judge a player given you could make a half decent highlight reel of me playing five a side, but if that video is truly representative of him as a player he's definitely the profile of player that Howe and Ashworth are said to be after. Young, high ceiling, good attitude, can press, can tackle, works hard, decent strength and pace, and can play multiple attacking positions.
  13. @LongTimeAdmirer As for where he would play he wouldn't have to come into the team straight away given Almiron's form in preseason. He could be cover for either wing and up front, and then we could play it by ear depending on how he settled. It would be entirely down to Ashworth and Howe as to whether he'd be worth it for the price, and whether he'd be likely to be able to contribute to the first team straight away. Again though this all academic at the minute.
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