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  1. Apparently the guy was shouting racist abuse at Brobbey another Ajax player. If that's the case fair enough.
  2. Hall is a very decent player. Great cross on him. We could do worse than him for LB in our team.
  3. Clearly the fair thing would be for the co-efficient to only apply to which seed you are for the draw as opposed to the money you receive for progress, but the world we live in is corrupt to the core. The one silver lining is that I'd be confident that we could manage top five most seasons when the extra champions league place comes in season after next. To get to Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, and to a lesser extent Spurs and Arsenal given they've missed CL on a fair few occasions over the last ten years, level of revenue is going to be a long slog. We're going to have to be very careful as a club so as to not become a Leicester or Everton when it comes to FFP, and be patient as fans when we're told that we can't spend what we like just because we have the richest owners. We could of course hope that the Saudi owners will employ some dark arts and learn from Man City so as to not get caught. And not necessarily to hide how much we're spending, but rather to put pressure on UEFA so as to make the co-efficient system more fair. Then again given the threat of a break away Super League that might prove impossible.
  4. I actually think Pavard is a very interesting shout which I seen us linked to recently. I've no idea if there's anything in it, but he'd be amazing cover at right back for Trippier, and he'd probably start ahead of Schar in that right centre back position given he can play both positions. Buying players who can play two or more positions either almost or equally well means you can concentrate more on quality rather than sheer numbers for your squad.
  5. Again the graphic isn't an endorsement of every pick. It's just an illustration of what five quality players could do to lift the quality of the squad. And in fairness to the guy who picked them both Torres and Szoboszlai can play a number of positions apart from out wide equally or in some cases better than said position.
  6. As I explained already the graphic was just an example to illustrate the squad depth we could have, not an endorsement of all his picks. With regards to Szoboszlai though he plays on the right wing a fair bit for Leipzig. He's very versatile and moves position frequently, and people who ostensibly play on the wing don't have to play stuck to the touchline as Maddison has proven at Leicester, or indeed Gerrard proved at Liverpool. He could still get into positions from which he could dictate the play. We've of course also seen Almiron drift inside to play balls, play one two's and score absolute crackers which also gave Trippier the space to swing in crosses. Oh and yes of course Milinkovic-Savic would start ahead of Longstaff. Milinkovic-Savic has been one of the most highly regarded and sought after midfielders in Europe for about five or six years now. Longstaff has a good football brain, is a decent passer, and runs his guts out for us, but Milinkovic-Savic is on another plane of existence when it comes to technical skill.
  7. Oh no, the ASM stan is upset 😂
  8. I'm not putting this up because I think we'll sign these players. The guy who made it was just giving his opinion on who we should sign from players who've been linked, but I think it's instructive and good for a bit of banter to see how much squad depth five quality signings would give us. Personally I initially thought I'd rather we bought a six like Khephren Thuram for example instead of Torres. Of course both Milinkovic-Savic and Bruno can play in front of the defence, so with both in the squad the need for specialist six perhaps diminishes, and we could instead concentrate on a position further forward. Still I'd much rather Diaby who can also play down both wings than Torres, even if he has PL experience. Torres of course is very good in the air and can play that sort of false nine role which is useful, but he does appear to be a bit inconsistent.
  9. I was referring to the original tweet and article with my comment. Your comments have been reasonable, although I can't say I know much about the HMRC stuff etc. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Whinging that people like Reuben are doing PR for themselves by letting it be known that they do charity work is cutting your nose off to spite your face. Reuben gets PR, the foodbank gets PR, the foodbank gets an injection of money. It's a win, win, win surely. People walking round in sackcloth and ashes and not visibly doing charity work is little more than self satisfying moralising, which I think is worse than the self satisfaction that everyone gets when doing things for others.
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