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  1. A point maybe if Grealish isn't back, which he probably will be.
  2. Joelinton didn't hit it cleanly you say, well that's a collector's item isn't it.
  3. I fall into a genuine sense of extreme confusion when I try to figure out who's going to score from that line up.
  4. True, but even Shelvey has about 4, or 5 decent games a season. In fairness against Wolves while he was generally pretty poor he did make two very important last ditch tackles. But again I agree that he's generally been very poor and should be sold at the next possible opportunity. I'd bring the Longstaff's back in, in the absence of anything better, but Bruce seems to have some weird slight against them, probably because he's a naturalised mackem twat.
  5. Leicester doing us a favour, so that's all the teams below us and the one above us having lost their last game. We have to capitalise and then use our game in hand advantage, it's as simple and difficult as that with who we have running the club. It's there for us, and we'll just have to see if cabbage head has inadvertently united all the players together in opposition to him thereby they produce a spirited performance against West Brom, or whether he's just took a dump in the cornflakes box by blaming the players for all his mistakes.
  6. The association that make decisions over South American international fixtures has postponed the upcoming World Cup qualifiers that would have involved Paraguay, and subsequently Almiron. So that's a bit of good news at least. Having Almiron perhaps just fit, or half fit, heading off to South America to perhaps get injured, catch Covid, and then have to quarantine for 10 days after he returned regardless, would have been a nightmare.
  7. Osmosis is a euphemism for when you break out your footy pyjamas, tea, biscuits and really take in a show isn't it?
  8. 😄 Hopefully it's that and not some vapid soap or reality show that I've absorbed by osmosis.
  9. I know bugger all about the law, but I'm sure I've heard it was the case that if a solicitor gives advice to someone on one side of an argument, they have to recuse themselves from further involvement on the basis of a conflict of interest. Maybe it's more of an Americanism in terms of the law, but then again I'm sure they follow English common law. Granted I know about this from hearing that rich US couples race each other to get advice from the best divorce lawyers so the other can't hire them, so admittedly not the most highbrowed or relevant of sources.
  10. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that Fulham are playing well but not getting the points that perhaps their play has deserved. It's all about whether their luck in front of goal breaks for them. You'd hope that given that it's been a season long problem it won't.
  11. It should be massive pressure either way. Either we have keep our three point advantage, or we have the chance to go six points clear of them. I won't count my chickens, but so far, touch wood, Spurs are looking quite good.
  12. Or players like Lascelles will make it clear that there's no point in cutting our nose off to spite our face in the middle of a relegation fight by downing tools to get rid of the cabbage. I'd say it must be nice to live in such a binary world as Edwards, but he likely thinks himself, falsely, quite the Machiavellian.
  13. Benitez is in no way perfect. He's definitely a PR craftsman to the extent that it can be purely self serving at times, but the crucial thing is that he's a great fucking coach, and for the vast majority of the time he uses PR so the team, and obviously be extension him, are successful. In other words Benitez is a very smart, if perhaps a little too calculating at times, man, and Bruce is a fucking cabbage headed muppet.
  14. So what's the bet that Bruce isn't given the sack until after the international break at least, by which time we're down to nine games to save ourselves from relegation, which sounds hauntingly familiar doesn't it 😐 Just give it to Jones immediately. He really can't be any worse, and we're not going to get anybody better to come in this late in the season anyway.
  15. Murphy has been decent this season when called upon in fairness to him.
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