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  1. Looking at his record, as in giving his wiki a quick read 😂, I do like the fact that he really worked his way up as a manager with small teams, and brought plenty of success to said teams. He's not just some high profile ex pro who was given a job at a big team straight away because of who he knew.
  2. I think the Saudi lawyers may be able to sort that out for him 😉
  3. Fonseca has gone way ahead in the betting, for whatever that is worth. I'm by no means an expert on Fonseca, but based on CV he seems much more impressive than Howe and in the same ball park as the older Farve. Obviously Howe is still very young for a manager, but Fonseca also has the advantage that he doesn't have a relegation on his record.
  4. So we hire a manager who's last job seen him get relegated? Look obviously he's a vast improvement over Bruce, but my point remains, if Fonseca and Farve are realistic targets, then Howe should be nowhere near it.
  5. If reports are to believed I can't understand how Howe is even in the same conversation with Fonseca and Farve. Literally the only advantage he has is experience in the league. And sure he had Bournemouth playing some decent stuff and kept them up for a few years, but he also spent a fair bit of money and took them down.
  6. Craig Hope saying that Rudi Garcia is a name that's been put to them as another candidate. Given our current position we could do a lot worse than Garcia given his experience and achievements in the game. And he's not just a manager that has worked at big teams with the best players. He has experience of getting a tune out of teams down the lower end. I'd certainly take an experienced foreign coach over a Gerrard or a Lampard. In any case though the new owners really need to speed this process up. It can't be a good atmosphere if Hope's other reporting is to be believed about Lascelles and Hay
  7. Apparently Rooney is interested in the Newcastle job 😂 What a fucking embarrassment if he's had his agent float that to the media. Then again given he's literally famous for shagging grannies, and getting taken a hand of by wannabe wags after getting paralytic, it appears self awareness isn't something he has a lot of.
  8. I thought centre halfs were supposed to be tough. Romero is a fucking disgrace.
  9. The supporter has been stabilized and is on the way to hospital apparently.
  10. Jesus, Dyer doesn't look well for someone who's only 42. His eyes have a yellow tint to them. Most likely it's too much booze, which is understandable given his past.
  11. Imagine being at the first game since the takeover and croaking it. Hope the paramedics can help the person.
  12. It's amazing how Joelinton can take forever, slow down our play, and then still play a shit pass.
  13. I really hope we mostly get the likes of Ginola, Les, Rob Lee, etc. on doing punditry work now because of the increased interest, as opposed to the likes of Bellamy, Dyer, Taylor, Ameobi.
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