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  1. Rafa iirc, has said in the past that he likely wouldn't take the Everton job because of his allegiance to/history managing Liverpool. If I were him my code of honour would be being seriously tested right now. He wants a job in England close to his house in the Wirral, and a job that could be a decent project with decent money behind it. Past allegiances or not it may be too good an opportunity, in these uncertain times, to turn down if they come knocking. Edit. 😄 Never mind, just read Rafa's quotes from his recent appearance on Monday Night Football. Seems as though he definitely w
  2. What's the bet that Bruce has asked one of his crony "sports journo" mates to ask him about beating Rafa's points total. Bruce - Yeah look, we've had to dust ourselves down a fair bit this season, but we've beaten the mighty Rafa, so it can't have been that bad eh?
  3. Ref on just saying that the Wilson goal wouldn't have stood even next season. Apparently the rule is to stop an accidental goal in off someone's arm. So the rule will be that you can score from an accidental handball as long as the person who's arm it struck isn't the person who scores it. Still fucking stupid, for how little it would happen that it would be accidental and go straight in off a players arm.
  4. At least they are changing that horrendous handball rule for next season. Doesn't help us much now though. Just as well Willock continued his purple patch.
  5. Surely Joelinton has to get the hook at half time for Wilson. Wilson should be capable of 45 minutes at least in this stage of his recovery. Wilson is a professional footballer, so he can actually receive the ball and pass it.
  6. I used to think, well at least American billionaires who buy clubs aren't the heads of theocratic and or authoritarian regimes, but I'm starting to thaw on the latter when it comes to who's worse for football 😂 At least they most likely just want sportswash their reputations by showering clubs with money and pumping money directly into the community like with Man City's owners. And obviously Citeh were one of the six, but this whole thing has the American's stink all other it, franchises, no relegation etc. Seems as if Chelsea and City didn't want to be odd man out. Not that it absolves them o
  7. Eh, no. You're not afraid of hyperbole are you. What I'm saying, and my comments are directed towards what he said after the match, is that he could have been a lot stronger instead of equivocating and obfuscating on behalf of the Liverpool owners. He criticised UEFA, which is fair enough given they're just out for what they can get as well, but he also defended the Fenway Group saying that they must have a reason for what they are doing, they aren't gamblers, and that they are good people. They do have a reason for doing it, money, and the latter two are objectively false given what's transpi
  8. He can't exactly say I've had serendipitous change of heart can he. What he didn't do is come out in strong terms again, and what he did do, when he really didn't need to, is back the owners of Liverpool.
  9. Klopp - "The owners are great people" Well that puts paid to any one who's still under the illusion that Klopp had integrity.
  10. Carlton Cole just unironically called it a game of two halfs 😂 Cole's not exactly a raconteur.
  11. I don't know why I torture myself. As if anxiety levels weren't bad enough through covid, we have to watch matches that seem to be specifically written to wind us up, and then maybe give us a little reach around if we're lucky. The commentator was already giving Bruce his sound bite, saying he was some sort of genius for putting on Willock, our only well rounded, athletic midfielder on the bench.
  12. Willock has been vintage Shearer with those last two headers coming off the bench.
  13. Thing about ASM is that he's so "theatrical" in the way he goes down and acts at times, that it's impossible to know if him limping off is a real injury, or just him kidding some time off the ref by strolling off. Hopefully it's the latter.
  14. Willock on for Shelvey, Wilson on for ASM if he's starting to tire at around 70 mins. No point risking an injury from tiredness with ASM.
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