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  1. I don't know about everyone else but I've officially forgiven Dubravka for his loan to Man U.
  2. Wilson is done, sell him to fuck for whatever you can get. Is he a great finisher and seemingly a decent guy, sure, but the but always comes with his fitness and at his age, and after a particularly terrible season for him, it's not getting any better. And apart from all that, Isak not having someone reliable to share the load up front is affecting his own relatively delicate fitness. On a side note this is obviously potentially really going to affect our push for the FA Cup and Europe. My pants are getting at least a little damp at the thought of trying to finish out the season with Isak as our only striker who even has a chance of staying fit for a run of games.
  3. Howe just said that Isak's injury seems to be a slight groin issue, and that he hopes it isn't too serious and he will get him back quickly. So here's hoping he only misses a game or two or if we're really lucky even make the Luton game on Saturday. Surely we'll have Wilson and Isak both fit at the same time at some point this season.
  4. Hojbjerg is a very decent player which he consistently showed under Mourinho and at Southampton. If there's any truth to the link I think the club possibly would have a considered a permanent deal if he was a few years younger. I certainly don't see him being out of the Spuds team as an indictment of him as a player. Ange either prefers other players for the way he sets up the team, or perhaps there was a clash of personalities. He'd be the perfect stop gap until the summer at the very least.
  5. That has to be Miley's best performance for us, and not just because of the assist. He was composed and mature throughout. It would be nice to have Longstaff back for PSG, but we'll just have to go again with what we have if not. I'm just praying that Willock hasn't completely banjaxed his achilles again, and that it's only a relatively minor set back for him. Oh and Chelsea are fucking shite. All their pundit and social media supporters were creaming their pants because they managed to score four against Citeh, but that was clearly a freak occurrence.
  6. 😂 I stand by every word. A very well appreciated goal from Lascelles doesn't paper over the cracks of his nervous display at the back, at least in the first half.
  7. Yeah, it would appear that Lascelles' purple patch of form since he replaced Botman in the team has come to an end. Everyone is entitled the odd bad game, but past experience would tell us that it's a fair bit more than the odd game with Lascelles. We just have to hope that Botman doesn't need surgery.
  8. What the fuck happened to Willock? I haven't heard a peep about him being injured all week. I presume whatever happened was pretty close to matchday. Lets just hope its not another serious injury for him and the squad in general.
  9. Seems like Howe's going to keep Almiron and Gordon in reserve to pour the pressure on late in the match with their pace. I can't imagine he's resting them as such. It's going to be an interesting match tactically.
  10. It's actually even better that the goal was "controversial" so I can enjoy the fume coming off Arsenal and their supporters for the next week, or in all likelihood the next ten years given what they're like.
  11. Yeah probably, but I was more commenting on my own willingness to give into my bias when the story is positive for Tonali.
  12. Italian football media know fuck all, Italian media say Tonali is likely in the clear
  13. It says in a statement in La Republica that Tonali and Zaniolo have admitted to illegal betting on blackjack and poker, so I would assume the method by which they were betting on cards was illegal i.e. a dodgy betting website etc. Which is why the term admitted was used because there is some criminality being confessed to. I would imagine a fine and slap on the wrists is all Sandro would get if it turns out he was just making illegal bets on cards, so again lets hope that's all he was up to. The silver lining of this is if indeed he only gets a slap on the wrists, is that he can then move on without it over his head, and he can fully settle and find his best form for us. Apparently he and Zaniolo's phones were seized before they moved to us and Villa respectively, so it's been hanging over Sandro's head the whole time he's been at the club.
  14. I've just read that Tonali and another player have admitted to betting on cards, but have distanced themselves from any betting on matches. Tonali, Zaniolo etc are friends with the fella who's admitted to betting on matches other than the ones he's played in himself, so maybe they went through his phone and are interviewing anyone who seems suspicious. So we just have to that betting on cards is all that Sandro was up to.
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