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  1. I wish i could sniff my arse n lick my nuts, i'd have no need for a lass then
  2. soz got wrong end of stick, i thnk i have hadto muc like
  3. notyou ya radgie i meant manc mag
  4. Ayema off to afghan in october, only justgot back from cyprus like but neve mind eh the money will be hnady like
  5. Goldie ya alreet mate hows it gannin? fancy finding you here
  6. I'd shag her but i am easy to
  7. daveytait176


    Thanks you lot, I had a great weekend and drank to much like but hey nowt new there lol
  8. And the fooking adverts doing ma tits in
  9. If you think about it we paid £17 million for him and he has only started 13 games for us in 2 years, not all his fault i know, but we nursed him back to what he says is the best ever shape he has been in and paid him full wages all the wage ( 120,000 a week ) he should be thinking how can i thank the club for what they have done for me and my injuries? And the answer is stay and stick the ball in the back of the net like we know he can.
  10. Is there a stream for todays match?
  11. I know but if ya was drinking 3 nights drinking on the trot i couold understand why you couldnt handle it
  12. oi im not ya young whipper snapper like you anymore, Im getting old ya nah You wasn't even gonna drink
  13. Could've came for tea but someone couldn't hack the pace of going out 3 nights on the trot
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