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    Get Them Out

    Aye! I'd have been stuck otherwise, come up with some monstrosity on MS Paint I guess!
  2. Will be good to see him back, maybe Big Sam will start playing with 2 wingers and 2 up top rather than that shocking 5 man midfield we used against Liverpool :
  3. ...and my missus got us Megadeth tickets for Feb!
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    Alright lads

    Thanks for the welcome lads, That's me fucking off for the day. Will probably be on tomorrow...the lass I work with is off sick for the next 2 weeks, I've got 2 peoples work loads to get through and i STILL find time to eat dinner and cram in 6 hours of internet surfing a day
  5. Even for QPR that'd be a bad signing, he's a terrible player. Once had a trial at SJP a couple of years back I think.
  6. The Only One I Know - The Charlatans
  7. I was actually hoping the FA would offer 'Appy 'Arry the England job too...not much chance of that now.
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    Alright lads

    haha! nah my Grandad encouraged me too though which was probably a little daft since I was only 11 at the time, but even now, its a day that sticks in the memory, brilliant day. Fuck knows, if my first game was Saturday just gone I might have asked him to take me elsehwere next time!! Anyway for the record... Heroes - Beardlsey, Shearer, Tino, Rob Lee, Shay Given, Andy Cole oh, and special mention to Philippe Albert for a certain chip he once scored...
  9. He's been one of our biggest underperformers this season without a doubt, I thought he'd have been a brilliant signing but he's been disappointing to say the least, and yes, he was one of the worst players out there against Liverpool last week. Roll on Saturday at Ewood.
  10. I think like a few fans, he drastically changed my opinion of him during the friendly against Villarreal a couple of years back. I think he's been a very good player for us, like has been said, perhaps his legs are going a little and he certainly shouldn't be given a new contract based on playing a key role at SJP but as a squad player he'll be great to have around.
  11. Aye I found this website Tell you what, looking at that list, the 'landmarks' were all scored by pretty decent players too. With the exception of Klas Ingesson and Nathan Blake. Oh, and Andy Townsend probably over analysed that 4,999th goal of his in the old 'Tactics Truck'.
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    Alright lads

    no worries mate, toodle pip
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