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  1. Count to 14? I always knew the rule to say 6 seconds though it is very rarely policed like that - generally only called after a warning and if they're well clear of 6 seconds.
  2. The best example of the many that we should get rid of Bruce is that there is a not a single example for keeping him. If I was being generous his pro list would start and end at "Makes everyone else look more attractive."
  3. Every one else had a bit more purpose and belief once he was out there as well. Thank fuck that bullshit lack of a penalty in the end will mean nothing.
  4. "Why is it called a fourmation when there's eleven players?"
  5. Steve can add the "Hail Maxi" to his little black book of football tactics, will make a nice page one.
  6. ASM creating havoc and Murphy showing once again that he can hit a ball.
  7. Exactly. Elsewhere on the pitch if you're kicking the ball that high and you're within half a yard of someone's head it's a no brainer free kick for dangerous play. Here his foot has actually made contact with his head and somehow both the on field officials and the VAR rule that it's all good.
  8. I'll never get tired of watching Shelvey drop further and further back so that he can get the ball and send his pointless long balls in the general direction of Gayle or Joelinton said noone ever.
  9. Dermott Gallagher, normally the refs excuse maker, says this should be a penalty. He's saying the reason they didn't give it is because he won the ball and then Longstaff "moved into his space". Basically suggesting Longstaff has headbutted his foot. Absurd.
  10. Give slight Gayle 5 minutes in the second half to run their defenders around a bit then send on Wilson with ASM following at 60 min.
  11. When was the last time we had the same back four for a run of more than two games? Or ever just our central defenders.
  12. Unbelievable that. I'd love to hear the justification.
  13. Presumably rolling our sleeves down and gathering dust.
  14. If Fulham can stay up by beating us in the final game I have no confidence in our ability to not lose. We need to be 4 points clear of them going into it.
  15. A few more years of Steve Bruce and we'll be able to afford the club.
  16. The time for that either is long gone. The dipshit actually believes all the shit he comes out with.
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