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  1. I think this may be the first time I've disagreed with you. In isolation sure you can't go kicking someone who's hurling (likely drunken) abuse at you from close quarters but this is an entirely different situation. He had a right to be protected as a manager in a hostile environment and would have felt anything but in what happened. Those people were not supporting Everton staying up they were being intentionally agressive and inflammatory and attempting to get a reaction from someone who was vulnerable and exposed.
  2. I don't disagree. They may have done so if it was a less prominent club behaving like that. Richarlison is a good player, but an absolute prick. DCL probably less of a prick, and not sure whether he's even any good.
  3. Superb picture, just hope that Dan Burn's daughter is not afraid of heights.
  4. I was surprised he started, even more suprised that he's still out there, but he's been fantastic the whole time. Challenging the defense and keeping them second guessing.
  5. You'd hate to be relying on Arsenal to get your fairy tale across the line. Plus the Wood vs. Weghorst showdown is not one that we'll give away on the cheap. If Everton stay up will Lampard be the hero and the villain in the same season?
  6. I recall him copping a mouthful of abuse from Lascelles a couple of seasons back and his reponse was to tell Lascelles his breath stunk. Quite amusing.
  7. That's an unreal goal, but it's Harper's celebration that gets me every time.
  8. Exactly like that season we had the Brazil national strip and look, years later how we now have Brazilian players all over the team. Everyone got so confused whenever we took to the field that the intrinsic link was burnt into their brains. After wearing our third kit in two or three games in the upcoming season it will only be a matter of time before we have Al-Sharani and Al-Dawsari in the team and folks arriving at Newcastle International wondering where the Deerah Souq is.
  9. Indeed, and furthermore it's not going to sell shirts to supporters outside of SA who will suddenly start supporting the SA football team or country. If it's true then it's a move to sell more shirts in SA which frankly has nothing to do with sportswashing and everything to do with generating as much profit and interest as possible. It is amusing how wound up over this everyone is, like our third strip is on the national heritage register.
  10. Oh wise Nige, what did we sell in order to get the banana chair strip, a visa to a foreigner?
  11. The supporter and match worn shirts are different. Personally I enjoy a good nipple chafe so I'll be disappointed if it's a Puma style iron on.
  12. There's an extra level of delight when it winds this sanctimonious tit up.
  13. I'm of similar thinking and am also comfortable knowing that Eddie will be the best person to judge whether he should be kept or sold.
  14. He's pretty much amongst the absolute best in the world at beating a man with the ball, but he's also one of the laziest defensive players ever. I like him and want him to do well but really there is no excuse for not putting the defensive effort in. If he has aspirations to be world class then that’s the first thing he needs to fix. We can carry a player who runs hot and cold in attack if they're at least doing their part defensively.
  15. FFS how many Longstaff brothers are there?
  16. That's Prince Adam mate, but now that you mention it he does look a little similar to wor He-Man. 🤔
  17. Shaun Wastedhiscareer-Phillips re-inventing history suggesting that Newcastle should follow Man Cities template of not just spending big amounts of cash on players and instead buying the right players. Robinho, Jo, De Jong (fuckwit), Wayne Bridge....
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