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    i did an advert with him a few years ago for daz that was never aired as he got pissed shortly after and they axed him, it was when he was at the smogs. i spent the whole day with him at my house, and i can honestly say he was one of the nicest, funniest, kindest people i've met. the man's a legend
  2. the changing room thing with pedro is the spanish property exhibition at sjp.
  3. pretty sure that with domestic transfers, you cant talk to them until 6 weeks before the end of their deal or something? could be wrong like
  4. a lot of people seem to think it dailly. cant see it myself
  5. What was said? (except "I think Heinze is coming to NUFC") He said his sources in the game had told him that Man Utd would be happy to sell Heinze now. That was it. reet, me old man is in for some stick!
  6. Sauce? Poor lovejoy missed a trick dont think i did, i gave the source in the other post!
  7. Same dozy twonk that was getting me those wednesday shirts sorry mate, he has lost all touch with the players, i will try and chase him up tomorrow but it doesnt look good. could i interest you in a darlo..........
  8. i did, nee reply the dozy owld twonk!
  9. not sure, me dad has just text me, surely someone else on here is watching?? what a signing if true
  10. john bez on soccer night reckons heinze is coming!
  11. dont know why, but this post tickled me, the 'fat cunt' bit did it i agree with everything said though, he is fucking awful
  12. True. Another thing that gets me is, why would radio Newcastle disclose this information to somebody who runs a NUFC finance website? If they have been told then it would they would of probably been told to keep it quiet until tommorrow. they wanted him on the breakfast show, presumably they thought he was against fred, hence the site and want to gage a reaction??
  13. well, he seems pretty sure that they rang him and it wasnt a wind up its a case of wait and see i reckon
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