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  1. 1 hour ago, Dr Gloom said:

    Some mad theories going around that we played for the draw so we can finish second in the group which potentially opens up an easier route to the final than if we top the group 

    England only drew because they were on ITV.  They’re back on BBC on Tuesday v Wales . They also got beat 0-0 v Scotland in their run to the final at last years Euros. All will be fine :good:



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  2. Isn’t she some sort of female Laurence Fox who shagged her way into a Tory parliamentary nomination?  Fair play like :lol:  but I’ve no sympathy for her. She’ll end up as a talking head on GBeebies, keeping the cash from the grift rolling in… 

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  3. In other news :lol:….


    Flew from Southampton to Glasgow this morning, picked a car up a drove here, about two hours north of Fort William where an old mate is getting married tomorrow….not sure if I’ll see the game tonight 😆




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  4. 1 hour ago, The Fish said:


    Yeah, you don't seem to fully understand it. xG isn't a measure of a player's ability at all. 


    All xG shows is; given all the variables, how likely a goal is to be scored from a given chance. Based on thousands and thousands of data points across multiple leagues. Doesn't matter the player, or the team he's in or whatever. High xG doesn't necessarily = good player. 


    Also, your eyes lie to you, all the time. 

    Were  Canada above or below their Xg last night Dave? 

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  5. 56 minutes ago, Alex said:

    There’s a myth going round on RTG that the Saudis bought us instead of Liverpool because of their fans not accepting it. The ‘famous’ and ‘influential’ Spirit of Shankly group. The same then applies to Man Utd now. Both clubs represent terrible value at their current asking price. Another factor is they’ve both arguably reached their potential as ‘brands’. As the post brokendoll highlights shows - the sort of owners they’re hoping for just don’t exist. 

    Ignoring the pathetically paranoid and just plain wrong mackems I think there will be more push back at Liverpool than at any other club should the proposed new owners be a bit iffy on the old human rights front. If you’re 50+ and actually a scouser after watching the amount of silverware they’ve put in the cabinet over the years it’s going to be a lot easier to let them go than it would be for any NUFC supporter (I thought I had strong principles before October 17 2021, turns out I was wrong :D ) Thing is their gigantic world wide support means their new owners will be the ones who offer FSG the most money, and the spirit of shankley types will then be left with a problem….

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    What....do you think xG is trying to prove?

    It doesn’t matter Andrew mate. Do the stats suggest Canada should’ve finished more of the chances they created by any chance? :lol:



  7. Spain arent my dark horses, they’re like a nice sort of light chestnut colour, they’re obviously one of the better sides but they’re a bit below the media radar…. I just think about how they exited the euros last year, on pens v Italy after a fabulous game. Not being mentioned by many, Balague just completely played down their chances on 5 Live but I was really impressed with them last year :cuppa:



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  8. This appears to be the key point…there has to be some way of changing the current set up because as it stands it’s profoundly undemocratic… 



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