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  1. 3 hours ago, Alex said:

    I think the Emirates is one of the nicer new stadiums and Highbury was definitely too small once all-seater grounds came in. But there’s no comparison in terms of character imo

    Highbury and Craven Cottage are my all time favourite away grounds for obvious reasons . I really like Emirates from the outside too, inside the experience isn’t great though, the seating in the lower section is far too shallow an incline for a decent view, that goes for the whole stadium not just the away section 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, zico martin said:

    Manchester is so much more attractive than Newcastle then is it? gotta be bollocks tbh

    Maybe it’s just a numbers game. You set up an acedeny somewhere on the Manc ring road and you’ve probably got 10 million(?) people within a 90 min drive :cuppa:  


    The NE hasn’t produced a top quality player since Carrick. Not sure how Lee Clark’s lad is getting on? He’s played for LFC’s first team I think? 🤔

  3. 10 minutes ago, The Fish said:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they go after Caicedo again. 

    Yeah of course they went in strong for him in January. So we’ll see… if LFC can’t afford Bellingham that might just leave Man Utd… 🤔

  4. 6 minutes ago, The Fish said:


    Our defence hasn't been as miserly in the last few games because of the lack of Longstaff and the diminishing performances of Bruno due to injury. Burn is being isolated and overrun. They need help, either by Longstaff's return and Bruno's recovery, or by changing things up. 

    I think if there wasn’t a game between Leeds & Leicester they could probably fit in five full training sessions to implement a one off plan but trying it for Brighton on Thursday is a bit tight :cuppa: 

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  5. 1 minute ago, The Fish said:


    There's insufficient control in that midfield, the two Joe's first instinct is to attack, neither have the defensive discipline to successfully shutdown Brighton's midfield and both have a tendency to beat one man then drive forward. More often than not, that results in losing the ball or at least being dramatically out of position in the transition.


    I'd play Bruno against Brighton, but replace him with Longstaff in the starting line-up for Leicester. Anderson is a good option from the bench, but he's not yet ready to carry the responsibility in such an important pair of fixtures.

    Yes I can see that. Am basically trying to find a way of resting Bruno and that was the best I could come up with given the players available. Are we sure Longy will be available at all? Last I heard it wasn’t a broken foot but he was being sent back to a specialist again . Unless we’re being sold a pup about his fitness obvs :cuppa: 

  6. This is by no means a criticism but it’s a shame Anderson hasn’t had more game time . There’s a case for leaving Bruno out on Thursday, not that I expect that to happen if he tells EH he’s “fit enough” and  keen to play . He deserves that respect tbf but if you shut Bruno down we’re probably 33.33% less as a team 


    Play Anderson as the most attacking midfielder eg 






    ASM                                                  Murphy 


                       Joe W.          Joelinton 



    I don’t really expect this but neither would Brighton. Don’t know if Howe would trust Anderson in such a huge game so it’s highly unlikely to happen but watching Bruno struggle is almost as painful for us as it must be for him. It’s absolutely fuckin certain that Caceido will target him in the first five minutes ….

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  7. 2 hours ago, thebrokendoll said:

    noticed this thread about an hour ago and went away to rehearse me gwyneth paltrow like acceptance speech, only to return just now and find I didn't actually win.  :(


    as far as those who voted for toontastic's very own nostradamus go....


    I can only assume you did so in some kind of perverse desire to see @Gemmill die by his own sword than us qualify for the CL, which to be honest I can sort of understand.   :lol:

    Toontastic posters can’t lose on Thursday :lol: 



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  8. The Israel slapper is sat listening to the votes coming in with a dildo strapped to her head…. did someone mention she’s trying too hard? :cuppa:



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  9. 14 minutes ago, Renton said:


    Get tae fuck. :lol:


    I think we may have diametrically opposed eurovision tastes. 👍


    Sorry, it was Lithuania with the legs :D 

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  10. I liked Spain and I think it was the Estonia lass with the cracking pins? And the half dozen in pink?  might be Czech’s? Israel slapper nil points fer me like, fuckin trying too hard :cuppa:

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