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  1. Out of interest....

    Still in the factory. We've got a small personnel footprint so I get to do the work of like four people part-time. It's lame, mainly because I'm on call 24/7 for IT or production equipment issues and my co-workers don't hesitate to call me. I've written a 10,000+ word document on mitigating the (relatively) common IT and production issues we encounter, so they call me a little less now. Don't like most of the people I work with, and really don't like working in an automotive manufacturing facility, but until I finish school (again), it's the best paying job I can get around here, so I stay. Will be 5 years this November.
  2. F.C Barcelona vs Manchester United

    What a match! Be interesting to see what the ratings were like here- it was on regular network Fox.
  3. F.C Barcelona vs Manchester United

    Piss on ManU. Vamos Barca!
  4. New Kits 2011/12

    (Ice) Hockey gear too.
  5. Von Trier at it again....

    Rentaghost? That was mint. I didn't know that was shown in the states. Now that I've mentioned Rentaghost, I can't help but be reminded of Wizadora. The lass who played her was absolutely gorgeous :icon_lol: I think Cip_MCDP is referring to The Kingdom (aka Riget). I remember sitting in a cinema for 6 hours to watch it and as great as it was, 6 hours in cinema seems like forever. edit: fuck I've been 'd re your edit: :icon_lol: Yeah, The Kingdom was what I was talking about. It wasn't shown here, I just happened across it in the local video store not long after my wife (then girlfriend) and I had moved in together. We loved it!
  6. Fantasy Football Sites

    Looking at setting up another fantasy football league for next season, but I'd really like to find something with more customization options than what the Premier League site has to offer. Yahoo Sports UK looks promising, do any of y'all run custom stat leagues or keeper leagues and know of some sites that support that kind of thing?
  7. Whats On

    NOOOO. You and your partner really must visit Devon Bianca. (decent football here too) Wooo Hooo the Mighty Gulls are flying right now!! Cockington Court Who is, of course the lead actress in the aforementioned period porn piece...
  8. Knowledge

    It wasn't bad until she started collecting vintage cast iron cookware... I'm telling you though- there's something to memory activation. I can remember how one of my guys here at yhe plant went about making a repair that I wasn't even here for, but I'll forget completely the list for the store. And BTW, what's worse about the whole store deal is I don't think I've forgotten anything. It's not like I'm wandering thr aisles trying to jog my memory- I get items A,B, and D and then I'm outta there. It's not until i get home and she says, "Where's item C?" That I realize that I'm screwed. I have this image of a typical Hollywood-style American argument taking place after Cid comes back from the 'grocery store' having forgotten the mayo. Cups, ashtrays, pans getting hurled across the room at Cid, with Mrs Cid ending up sitting in a chair in the corner, wearing her checky shirt and tight pedal pushers, her bleached blonde hear all over the shop, in floods of tears and mascara running down her face. And all because Cid forgot the fuckin' mayo!! The first bit about 'activating' one's memory is a strange one. It reminds me of something that happened to me 20+ years ago. I work away, and for donkey's years the only football info I got was from BBC World Service on a Saturday afternoon. Anyway, one Saturday I listened to the classified results, as normal. About half an hour later I was sitting with a colleague when he asked how Newcastle had got on. So I told him the result. He then asked about another team. I told him their result and also who they had been playing and if they had been at home or away. He then asked about random teams through all four divisions and for some strange reason I had 'activated' my brain and could tell him the scores and if they had been at home or away, without any problem. So I guess that your comment about folk being able to subconsciously 'activate' their mind when tuning into something they like is a valid one. Whether that diminishes with age I don't know, as I'm not sure if I could do what I did all those years ago now - probably not, Derek
  9. Knowledge

    I think that some folks just "activate" their memory differently than others. I remember all kinds of random-ass facts, sounds like a lot of y'all do too. My wife can't. We've been together like 13 years now and up until we had the kiddo, we watched a TON of movies. My brain categorizes all that kind of shit- I can tell you who produced what and who directed that. It's not something I try to do exactly, and by the same token, she doesn't try not to. I can and she can't. She'd like to- she hates it that I always beat her at Scene It and Jeopardy and shit like that, so she's trying, she just can't. On the other hand, she can tell me three things to get at the store, and if she mentions a fourth, I'll forget one of those four things almost guaranteed. Generally, I've forgotten it before I even get out of our subdivision. It's like, I'll be saying to myself the items over and over, trying to remember, but as soon as I stop saying them, one of them is probably gone. And I mean we get in like fights about that, because it's horribly annoying, so it's not like I don't give a shit or whatever, just for some reason, I can't remember things people tell me very well. If it's something I see, like in a book or a list I make, I can remember that, but if it's just audio, I usually don't.
  10. Newcastle playing on TV in the USA

    Huh. Dunno, sir. I've only really used it on my Mac here at the house, but there's nothing particularly noteworthy about it in any way. I have pretty fast and reliable cable internet through what is essentially Comcast, I have a little hardware firewall built into my router that I have to configure for games, but didn't do anything for FS.tv. Do you have ESPN3? Does it work any better or worse? Just curious.
  11. Newcastle playing on TV in the USA

    That's odd, Noelie- I've never had any stutter or lag really. FSC is best for EPL, ESPN always shows the early match on Saturday and if the Monday match is good, they show that one too. A friend of mine at work has DirecTV (satellite service). He gets Yes Network which shows EPL according to him, GolTV, and maybe SetantaUS? Can't remember now. The other Fox Sports also replay matches, especially Champs League. ESPN3 and FoxSoccer.tv offer a staggering amount of soccer along with rugby and cricket. In addition to EPL, FSC also shows Champs League, Serie A, MLS, international friendlies, college, and even some A-League. ESPN shows MLS, US international, and their spanish station shows Mexican Primera, Liga, and CONCACAF Champs League.
  12. Newcastle playing on TV in the USA

    You could go to foxsoccer.tv and sign up for their broadband games package. It'll set you back $15, but it'll probably be on there- they generally show the games that are of all the Fox Sports- FSC, FS+, etc. If their internet is SUPER slow, obviously it won't work, but going legit will work better than streams over the slow connection. Or just go find a hotspot.
  13. Other games

    How many times do you reckon Nani dove to the floor in writhing pain when he got that forearm tattoo? I'm setting the over/ under at 768.
  14. Newcastle playing on TV in the USA

    It's on FSC (Fox Soccer Channel).
  15. Toon Army in North America

    Fat Mike needs a new set of Mickey Mouse ears. Llambias wants to ride "It's a small world." I'll stop now. I am sure it has to do with the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter".

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