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  1. bates will probably kill us, already damaged us, we hate him. but least we got our history So have the Mongol race but look at those fuckers now.
  2. how can someone who is supposedly a spurs fan take the piss? (i say fan not supporter as he seems to spend all his time following Newcastle)
  3. Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favourite authors. Amazing imo. Not his best but some fucking debut all the same. I've enjoyed everything i've read of his so far.
  4. imo intergration could work but i fear what we are seeing is more a case of divide and rule.
  5. Just started The Secret History of the World By Jonathan Black. Just finished Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.
  6. Get me his phone number and i'll offer him a job.He can do a bit of pointing for me.
  7. what do you suggest we do to make anybody "more welcome". Bear in mind extra policing comes out of your pocket. Its up to them if they want to go. Personally, I think we have laid enough mats for foreigners in this country, the country is fucking itself up from within and the last thing we need to do is to pander to more of this lot. Spot on. When in Rome do as the Romans do.If people can't accept that then they are just confrontational trouble causing cunts with an attitude of we know better than you.
  8. Was going to stay in tonight(busy day tomorrow) but after that result i think i'll fuck off to the pub for a few pints before MOTD. Have a great toontastic night lads. GET THE FUCK IN
  9. Didn't see enough of the game to comment tbf. Hopefully it'll be one of the main games on MOTD.
  10. A much needed 3pts Well done lads Thought i was dreaming at half time then lost me stream,found a shite one and missed most of the second half. From what i've read on here sounds like they were pretty much shite in the second half,but, i'll say it again Well done lads
  11. It might just be cold enough to get shola running.You never know he might even make some forward runs to keep warm. After this game we should at least know who's up for the battle ahead.
  12. That'll be this one then? I love the way he tries to plead his innocence Must say it puts a smile on my face every time i see that.The look on the face of the bloke in the middle of wall, outraged that a Brazilian tried to get in the wall.
  13. Firstly;well done on setting the site up.Its a good site and looks to have mostly a good group of people on it.(credit where credits due and all that) What i said wasn't a dig at the site or you personaly,maybe i was a bit over the top with the word dictator,but i was a bit pissed and was picking up on the tone of your reply.I wasn't on the wind up or looking for an argument and wasn't having a dig at the site more a dig at censorship in general especially what i would consider to be rather petty censorship.If you think saying i hope soneone gets aids will cause offence fair enough, i'm n
  14. I only mentioned my age as a way of pointing out that i'm not some young kid brought up on computers. A few year ago computers were pretty much alian to me hence one of the reasons i've only been on the forums a short time.
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