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  1. Mike rogerson- pretty good tbh, based in shields, sure they do whitley as well.
  2. Is this for real? You had five goes at spelling that right and it's only three fucking letters. loo ool llo oll lol
  3. I wish the current set up was as tactically inept as keegan, i would settle for the seasons we started with him as manager, 1st, 3rd, 6th, 2nd , 2nd.,...ill have that ineptitude all day thank you.
  4. Q- How does the motorway speed limit work A- they put up a little white sign with a black line through it, which means, drive as fast as you think you can get away with, without being caught by a camera, or a cop.
  5. no19, as a boy, standing in the centrepaddock, it looked like the players on the far side, were running on thier knees. people watching from up in the trees, behind the leazes end... and people climbing into the old leazes end, through that gap along the back of the roof.
  6. ' we have got a great squad' Where have they got this great squad hidden away, why cant we see it?
  7. Sting and his dad were my milkman , c1970, in Wallsend...
  8. they're taking a hammering for it on the Legends.
  9. is it true, all the people in the world could fit on the Isle of wight?....bagsee not standing next to the cliff edge like,
  10. paddock


    There was talk about a all in single plate system, not sure the score on that tho, I know people are complaining theres too many taxis for the amount of work. People are working on Berwick plates, around north shields, to avoid N tyneside plates, thats why i was asking if a south tyneside one could be used... must be diffrent for private hire,..think its only sommething i would consider, spending 12k on if i was doing it full time tho.
  11. paddock


    my dad worked for Blue line for years,. but they got loads of cars on, and the favourites get all the good work. If I did Taxi, i would only be interested in Hacking,.. as an extra income, tbh, im chocka with work at the moment.
  12. paddock


    Can it be used over the civilised side of the River? North tyneside?
  13. Got back on after my ridiculous ban,..now im torn between two boards,... anyway,my point,....come and join the party, manc,.. NO needs a bit of your agro, it can get a bit boring, need some new blood to shake the place up,... Stevie, are you banned forever,.. seems you got a few appearences in the house of the Banned.
  14. paddock


    Can you clarify whats for sale for 13k?
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