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  1. Gunners chasing N'Zogbia?

    How is that worrying? 129510[/snapback] Boumsong has taken Charles under his wing. Acting as a big brother.
  2. O'Neil to scum

    ^ I thought he was...wasnt he officialy?
  3. Priceless

    , Sad indeed. Thanks Bizza
  4. Priceless

    I dont get it. Sry. Someone explain please.
  5. Is Newcastle Online down again ?

    Sig works btw.
  6. What are you listening to ?

    Zwan - Honestly
  7. Oh...right...everyone knows that.
  8. Kiera Knightley *NSFW*

    Oh my..Where is Adriana Lima on that list ?
  9. What else happened to Tony this week?
  10. Porno Search Engines

    Ahem....www.booble.com www.pussy.org......Ahem.

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