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  1. Turns out I can't be arsed to draw a picture but google can provide some useful ones. The reactor is continuously heating water (called primary coolant), this water is pumped into the steam generators. The energy is tranferred from the primary coolant into the steam generator water (called secondary coolant) which is boiled. This reduces the temperature of the primary coolant which is then sent back into the reactor to be heated up again, ready to repreat the process again. The secondary coolant is boiled and turned into steam, it is a high pressure steam. This high pressure steam is
  2. Wolfy. It doesn't ever have to be vented. I will draw you a nice diagram showin the whole process when I get home from work. Some heat is put into the environment as an output from the condenser. At no point is working steam vented.
  3. Ok. The steam generator makes High pressure steam. This steam flows through a pipe to the turbine. The steam enters the turbine at high pressure. The steam loses pressure (energy) turning the turbine and low pressure steam exits the turbine. This low pressure steam is condensed inside the pipe and fed back to the steam generator. At no point does it come into contact with oxygen. The 'venting' as you call it is done when the steam passes through the turbine. Inside your pressure cooker there is water. You apply heat and some of the water turns into steam inside it causing the pressur
  4. Against. Death isn't a punishment it's a cop out. Would you rather be dead or locked in dank cell with no contact for the rest of your life? True punishment is being forced to live for the rest of your natural life with guilt and remorse. Or if you are heartless sociopath then its being totally isolated and being frustrated by no one listening too or caring about you. To my mind death penalty only works if you have a strong religious faith where god punishes you in the afterlife but as I don't believe that it's a cop out.
  5. Yes now on the sub you substitute air for water. You pump that cold water into the sub. Use it to cool the pipe containing the steam thats come out the turbine. This condenses the steam inside the pipe which is then pumped back to the steam generator to become steam again. The sea water which has been heated by cooling the pipe is then pumped out to sea again. This process is happening continuously while the the sub is running. Power stations do the exact same thing. You had it right in your previous post.
  6. Point 1 - you don't need oxygen to make steam. Just need water and heat. The amount of heat depends on the pressure the water is under nothing else. Point 2 - if you then added a pipe that collects all the steam that's come out your radiator and through your turbine and run the pipe in the outside air for a bit to condense it again and feed it back to the radiator you will be fine again as your filling it with water as fast as you are removing it! You're fuel economy won't be so good anymore though because you are using energy from the fuel to heat the radiator to make the steam to turn t
  7. Steam trains use a simpler less efficient open loop system so just dump the steam. It's one of the reasons they aren't used any more. Electrics and diesels are cheaper to build and run. Power stations and subs used a closed loop system and hence are still being used. The towers are huge on power plants as air is a very poor heat transfer medium (1000x worse then water) and they produce a lot more power then a submarine core does. Although if you look at the current crop of uk nuclear power stations none have these cooling towers. They all use sea water. If you want more read up on the
  8. Edit to fix formatting. Forgot the codes and am writing this on my phone.
  9. To refuel a sub is a process that takes nearly 2 years. It's done by cutting a hole in the casing and pressure hull then taking the lid off the reactor. A bottom opening shielded container is bolted on top of it and a fuel module is raised into it. The container is then closed with spent fuel inside. Repeat until all fuel is removed. The submarine fuel lasts so much longer as it has a high enrichment whereas civil reactor fuel has low enrichment.
  10. 1. Some Russian subs have 2 reactors. The UK ones don't. I am fairly certain the USA and French ones don't either. I could guess why the Russians went for two but I can't say definitively as I don't know. Its probably down to redundancy or if they have multiple propellers/propulsors it may be for more speed. There are a number of reasons why you may want 2 over 1. On a side note US air craft carriers have 2 reactors on them and that's done as one core doesn't produce enough power for such a large boat. The US carriers are basically floating cities though, so it may be as simple as that
  11. So you think nuclear power and weapons are simple, but those pesky scientists deliberately make it complicated to intimidate the general public. Rather then it just actually being complicated. Care to explain why they do this? What's their motive? Extorting money from the government? Or is it the government in on it and using it to extort tax money from the general public? What do they spend this extra money on? Is the fact its bullshit why the USA, UK, France and the other so called nuclear powers are desperate to prevent Iran getting it? Because Iran is in fact the saviour of us al
  12. In other words, you have no reason to believe what you do. You just think that what others, each a specialist in their field, say is the truth is too complicated to be true? Yet you have no idea how any of it actually works and are unable to provide any credible solution as to how technology we have and use everyday actually works. So you prefer to believe in numerous massive conspiracy theories which are without doubt more complicated and reject the universally accepted solutions because in your words "well why not". Would you say that is a fair summary of your position?
  13. Already answered most of those questions so I don't see the need to repeat myself. The fuel rods you have look like those used in a light water reactor, either a PWR or a BWR. The fuel used in them is pretty similar so I can't tell you which it is. There is lots of protective equipment in the photo. There is the integrity of the fuel cladding, the ventilation system, the lack of a moderator (this slows the neutrons) etc etc PPE (personal protective equipment) is the last resort for protecting people. When you go into an active area you basically wear the same outfit as the man behind the d
  14. The facilities used to make them get massively contaminated in the purification and manufacturing stages. So they are very challenging to decommission, but the hardest thing to decommission is stuff at Sellafield, where reprocessing takes place. Far more active and far far far more of it. The missiles just need extreme caution in handling the plutonium or uranium so as to not get a criticality accident. This then needs disposed off and has been turned into reactor fuel and burnt up there instead. Its expensive as the kit being decommissioned wasn't designed to be taken apart, the modern b
  15. Upright position. They are about 10m tall and 3m wide, they take up most of the height of the submarine. They are launched in a compressed gas bubble, then when they reach the surface of the water the rocket engine fires.
  16. The UK has no silos, all our nuclear bombs are mounted on trident missiles and launched from submarines (whilst underwater) (you can watch a launch of one here ). At about 1 minute in you see the missile silos on the submarine. This was done to ensure 'second strike' capability and was arguably the thing that stopped any nuclear wars from starting. As the first thing you target in a nuclear attack is the other sides nuclear silos, but if the silo is hidden underwater and could be anywhere you can't hit it. Only the UK, Russia, USA and France have this capability. The materials that typic
  17. It was either write that or watch the Liverpool Hearts game on TV. I stand by my decision.
  18. Uranium compounds are mined, typically oxide form. This is extracted from rock and purified into form called 'yellow cake' or U3O8 in chemical composition. To convert it into modern fuel it is first turned into a gas by reacting it with flourine to get a compound known as 'hex' or UF6. It is then enriched to between 3 and 5% U235 (natural uranium is 0.7% u235) in a series of centrifuges or a huge gas diffusion plant. The uranium is then converted to uranium dioxide and turned into polo mint shaped pellets for use in a reactor. At this stage it is pretty benign as uranium has a very long ha
  19. It's a great relief to me. I get paid to protect society from science and industry and now Wolfy has said its all faked I can just pop my feet up and let the good times roll!
  20. To the people blaming the rovers fans for their demise is mental. Change rovers for us and we'd have done the exact same thing if not more. THere are a lot of people panning them, but take a long hard look at what they faced before panning them for the kean out shite... Venkys really have stripped mined blackburn, they bought the club for £23million then sold phil jones for £20mil and reinvested bugger all of it. They make mike ashley look positively saintly and inspired in based on his performance during our relegation season, at least he had the balls to try and save it...
  21. Just bought myself some tickets for a Brazil V Belarus and Egypt Vs New Zealand double header at Old Trafford. Not too shabby for £20!
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