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  1. heard this reported on radio1 at about 4:30pm. Not seen any mention of it anywhere else though.
  2. This is shocking play by the club. The cynic in me thinks that this was all planned out, appoint Keegan to get us through the season on the new manager results boost, but in the mean time get in contact and line up the next man, and have him sign the players he wants. From the sounds of it Keegan didn't seem to know much about xisco and gonzalez. I'm expecting the next man to almost certainly be from Spain, given all our signings (bar Guthrie) so far have been. There is even a reasonable gap until the next games throughout europe, most of our star players are 'safely' away on internation
  3. Or you can do it the way you have been but make sure every column is highlighted then right click on the column you want to sort by and it moves everything around. As for linking to together you can do it by using the "paste link" function (right click then its on the paste special menu).
  4. Has Owen been watching a bit too much 6-Nations like? That seems like quite a blatant handball....
  5. Band you saw live - The Crimea Play you saw live - Can't remember, been a fair few years since i last saw one. Restaurant you ate at - Mutley Spice. Meal you cooked - Gammon Steak with a Fried Egg, potatoes and some peas
  6. rikko

    i want a wii

    There are some really good non "party" games on the console too. Especially if you like the old style nintendo series. Both Zelda and Mario are excellent 1 player games. Zack and Wiki is a class little puzzle game too. Recently i have been playing the Resident Evil 4 port onto it, the new controls for it add another dimension to the game.
  7. It's failing as its registered the mac address of the usb modem and not your pc ethernet card. you either need to force the mac on your ethernet card to that of the usb modem or phone virgin and get them to change the one they have registered on their system. Plug the usb modem back in and go to command prompt, type in iconfig/all and that'll give you the mac address. now go the properties section on the ethernet card and their should be a box with something like physical address on it, select manual and type in the mac from the usb modem and it should work fine. otherwise you need
  8. Virgin TV: L Virgin 2 meg unlimited broadband £20/month O2 500mins/400 texts £5/month no landline.
  9. rikko


    On camera mode, go to settings, then on the option with a jaggy arrow, set it to auto or on. If its dark enough the flash will go off.
  10. No, you don't lose out at all. Provided you pay tax, the government pays the 28p in £, which is the tax you have paid when you earned the money.
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    Great site if you are looking to get a room in shared house. I'm currently letting out 2 of my spare rooms and thats the site I advertised on. They ads on it do tend to get filled very quickly though!
  12. I'm a big fan of Bright Eyes and Death Cab for Cutie, I didn't know they were "emo", interesting. They were, then what it (emo) was changed, and they are no longer emo. Emo these days is stuff like fall out boy, my chemical romance and the like. The rock night here in plymouth is truely terrible since they just play emo style crap and when i ask for something like the clash the DJ just laughs...
  13. If we aren't going to get someone top notch. I would be happy enough with shearer,can't be any worse then some of the recent people in the job, and knows whats expected at the club. Would probably get given time by the fans aswell...
  14. It's got a "master bedroom" that would struggle to take a double bed!
  15. Do your research properly, certain houses down here are still going up very nicely in value (specifically the victorian terraced houses), while flats and semis have plummeted... I bought 12 months ago now, and i'm glad i did, had a good steady increase in value,in the long term with property i think you are basically going to be better off. Interest rates look set to come down in the short term and confidence is fairly low so i think this is a good time to buy, a decent chance of picking up a bargain, certainly at the lower end of the market!
  16. whats the problem it gives you everything you need on the pdf. 1. Calculate Kv (from equation given) 2. Calculate delta P (from equation given) this is your pressure drop.
  17. rikko


    Nothing here, just a freezing cold wind. Not seen any snow for almost 2 years now. Stupid south west...
  18. I've got one of them, its a good phone. The buttons on it are a bit weird, not as easy to use as the ones on the K800i, which i had before. The screens big, the mp3 player on it is top notch. It's more of the same from sony ericsson, the cameras a bit crap, but being honest who uses a mobile phone for anything other then drunken night out photos!
  19. I've got an Acer one, had it for several years and dropped it a few times and its survived with no ill effects. If the spec is the same i'd for the cheaper.
  20. Due a new phone next week, not sure whether to get w880i or w910i. Don't really see the fuss about the iphone tbh. The only new thing on it is the touch screen which is hardly revolutionary. All i want in a phone thats not a normal phone function is a decent mp3 player. Don't really care about sat nav/internet/camera etc. Been using a 2G sim in a 3g phone for 2 years now, never felt the need to upgrade...
  21. 420k, level 11. kept getting random Australian islands which all turned out to be near Indonesia...
  22. Given up on it now. Series 2 was total bollocks, lost any resemblance of reality and the writers, just like those in lost, clearly had no idea where they were taking the show. Not seen any of series 3, but 2 was shockingly bad, especially towards the end.
  23. Pay off the majority of my mortgage...
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