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  1. Alreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    [quote="Sargey"So this is the new board then?!?!?! Cheers for the link Jimbo! Just to clear this up, this isnt the new Newcastle-Online board, this is another board, not just any board mind you..no this is the new, improved, old skool Toontastic, thats not to say that users who werent part of the old days cant be here. ps. anyone wanna teach me how the Quote works?
  2. Helloooooooo.......

    now Im confused about that previous post. How did that get in this thread?
  3. Helloooooooo.......

    Awww its good to be back, bit like coming over the hill and seeing the Tyne Bridge! Good to be back.
  4. First drunken post....

    ye drunken bassa ye!
  5. Famous Person Above...

    gets on well with ...emmmm hmmmm errrrr.....*can I get back to you?
  6. What are you listening to ?

    Sound of the polis helicopter fleeing round outside.
  7. Famous Person Above...

    thinks masturbation is unhealthy?

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