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  1. It is, as you say, 10 years ago - but


    We have not matched it.


    We should not bother appointing managers who we think will not match, or clearly will definitely not match it.


    Because, that is the heights we should aspire all the time to.


    Can't quite grasp the idea that some people still think Keegan "failed", when no one has matched him in iover 70 years !


    Keegan player and manager a failure........................NEVER.


    No one at NUFC has matched it so far and this idiot has not got a prayer of coming anywhere close. How things have changed, we are now optimistic about mediochrity. We are heading whirlwind into a TFD. FFS man you are right we need to concentrate on the here and now, has anyone told Sourness of this little plan?

  2. You have to look at the players he falls out with though and realise he is a manager brave enough to stand up to these cocks aka bellamy so he may act a bit ott but isn't that why fs recruited souness to sort out our team and get rid of the chaff!




    >>> sigh <<<<


    Bigger SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ------------------NO.


    That may have been one of his many tasks but that is not the only thing on his Job Description. He was brought in to manage a football club, not demolish it.


    Crawford which planet are you on? just take a look at Sourness' managerial track record, and apart from his spell in Turkey, he has fallen out with players and got shot of 'em in almost every club.


    How many days until the start of the season? Shearer is doubtful and Ameobi is banned, do we have a forward to chose from? The simple answer is we have one in the name of Rocky Chopra with a few hopefuls in Dyer and Milner.


    Now I ask you Crawford, who put himself in that position? A bad manager that is who, he has left himself and the club wide open to problems. Now tell me again why he should be given a chance, just on the back of 2 maybe 3 good signings, is that all we need.


    How many more will want to be away and how difficult do you think it is to sign players for NUFC?

  3. aye to west ham and the mackems(not a stroll but wins),blackburn will be a kickingfest and i wouldnt be surprised if the game was abandoned due to sendings off. ;)



    As it stands with the squad we have, predictably we are struggling, this was evident on wednesday night, we were in disarray apart from a few players. Now in your words "the UEFA is a worse than average league game until about the quarter finals" and we were beaten in the Intertoto over two legs by a team that did not qualify (neither did we) for the UEFA league.


    So what is your point, that we are inferior.


    Think REAL, what we have is a team and management structure which can be said to be "worse than average league team"


    Your words say it all.

  4. I agree £10 mill is good for a player that is underperforming and has been in the last 2 seasons.



    Is it the continuing bad influence from model pros like Dyer and Bramble (Sourness' views of these 2 "proper" players) and their continuation to flaunt themselves and hit the Newcastle hotspots. Maybe not?


    When he goes, and that will be soon, and is managed by a responsible manager, just watch his return to form and just watch him play out of his skin.

  5. Why wont the club try and get Bernard back? He was always committed and didnt appear to want to leave. Crazy at bringing some playboy italian in who's never played in the prem before when Bernard is just waiting on a club to pick him up


    Because Sourness is an arsehole and his ego gets in the way a little bit, don'forget the quote, "no-one is bigger than the football club, and all that matters is when you croos the white line on match days" oh I forgot, except Sourness, he thinks that he is bigger than the club.


    FFS what a TFD. Any way Bernard is likely to tell him to FO.

  6. Both strikers missed sitters when we finally did create something, still good job we got rid of Bellamy and Kluivert isn't it!!!



    doesnt mean to say they would have scored them either. They score 1 in every 3 shots.


    maybe u can point out to me what shearers current ratio is?


    overall id have to say ur comments were pointless and that ur a miserable bastard.


    go piss off back to moanville on the other board.



    How about i point out to you Shearer scored 4 goals from open play in the premiership last season, great ratio that must make.


    And my actual point is that the two strikers in question would certainly be in the team ahead of Shola with any sane manager in charge and that if Shearer is having a bad spell goal wise sometime in the season you have replacements who are good enough instead of having nothing.


    And overall i'd have to say i don't give a flying fuck wahat you think of my comments (most of which you didn't include in this post as you know they are right.)


    As for your amazing ability to know my personality from an internet message board post, i'm not a miserable bastard apart from when i think about the tosspot ruining my club and then i do get miserable.


    And i won't piss off to "moanville" if only for the reason that i hope to piss morons like you off on a regular basis by pointing out how shit the manager is. And try not making posts that sound like a text message and it might make you (not U) seem less thick.



    My sentiments entirely, well said Papa. Where do these Sourness supporters get their misguided loyalties, or is it truly just bad judgement.

  7. Well this time last year Shepherd was accused of buying players that Bobby Robson didn't want, but Bobby Robson said recently that that was not the case, they were all his players. And lets face it, he would have every reason to say otherwise if he had wanted to spite Shepherd.


    Howay man, Souness might be shite, but no one would tell him who to buy or sell.


    Correct. He's hardly a shrinking violet who lets peopel walk all over him is he, so to claim Shepherd is doing his job as manager for him is clutching at straws.


    If Souness has had ANY sales forced on him by Shepherd or has had any signings forced on him by Shepherd he can come out and tell everybody about it. Until he does he takes the responisbility for every player who has left this club:


    Bellamy - Wrong

    Robert - Wrong

    Hughes - Wrong

    Ambrose - wrong or should have been year loan

    O'Brien - Correct

    Butt - Correct but not on loan should have got money (tho this is Freddies fault)


    The Hughes sale was just so pointless, a model professional who covers RB and CB and at a stretch can play LB (certainly better than Elliot) and who is great to have when injuries start and to have on the becnh as cover.


    Now if he'd sold Hughes and brough in a top class CB, RB and LB i wouldn't have a problem, but he didn't and won't.



    Spot on mate, Sourness is responsible for the ins - outs of players at NUFC, Sad thing is, this will haunt us in the coming season unless action is taken soon.


    Totally inept to sell Hughes with little or no prospect of any fresh blood. He is a generalist in defence and could cover right across the back.

  8. If this lazy useless excuse for a footballer Celestine Babyaro is on one penny more than Bernard was then Sourness and the Fat Controller should hang their heads in shame.


    Bernard is an honest pro that wanted something extra, he's currently floating around without a contract. How much are we going to pay COCO the clown to do a similar or worse job than Bernard did for us? Also heard that COCO the clown wants more than £50k.


    And before you all jump and say backward step etc, just take a look at Bernards replacements at NUFC. Bernard at least had guts, Sourness is totally screwing the club.

  9. The current squad is not good enough, they will not cope in the league either. Regardless this was his best available team last night, add a few more injuries and bookings etc and take one hard look at what we have to chose from.


    I firmly believe that success breeds success, what have we got to look forward to, a freshh influx of top players beating the door down to join us, get real, this is the sign of things to come with Sourness. Just ask any supporter of any club that Sourness has been Manager of.

  10. I don't entirely blame Souness for the lack of signings. He can only tell Pudgy which one's he wants.


    I think that replacing our 2 most important players(IMO) in Robert and Bellamy, should have been done first and foremost. (But that's a 50page discussion I don't want to get in to!) We now look incredibly weak on the left wing, and up front.


    In all honesty though, if Emre is Souness' definition of a 'proper' player, then on first impressions, I'm happy enough.



    Is that all we looked weak in, I witnessed a shabby defence as well, JAB played badly and can take some or all of the blame for their first goal, and you can expect that once in a while, but we don't have anything much to support players when they do have an off day, and as for the full backs they were shite.


    I agree with your views on the 2 new lads in Emre and Parker and when they are 100% match fit they will be good.


    Overall, nothing much to be happy about, IMO.

  11. From the Sun  ;)


    GRAEME SOUNESS will today sign Italy defender Francesco Cocu to shore up the leaky defence he blamed for Toon going out of Europe.


    Robbie Elliott’s kamikaze backpass let in Deportivo’s Pedro Munitis to wrap up victory in the Intertoto Cup semi-final.


    Boss Souey groaned: “You can’t legislate for the way we gave away the second goal.


    “I would hate to think we will give more away like that during the season.”


    Cocu will arrive on Tyneside today with a view to a season-long loan.



    The Inter Milan full-back, 27, has 17 caps and played in the last World Cup at left-back with Paolo Maldini, the AC Milan star, moving inside to accommodate him.


    Newcastle clearly see this position as a problem with Celestine Babayaro constantly breaking down.


    But Cocu’s arrival is too late to save Toon’s Euro dream.



    Too little and too late, but at least we will be able to concentrate on the league.

  12. thought he done alright mesef


    Total crap, as long as I have a hole in my arse this guy will never be a footballer. How many seasons do we have to give him a chance? Total rubbish, should be cleared out along with Sourness.

  13. Souness has made 3 crap sales that he shouldn't have made (Bellamy, Robert, Hughes)


    He's also made 4 crap buys he shouldn't have made.


    All comes under the banner of "proper players" mate..or something like that, someone should ask him what he means, although we know the answer.


    It would be interesting to see what he thought was a "proper" manager.



    I did not see any proper players out there last night, what I did see and to be fair is a glimmer of promise from a few, but still well short of PL status for the coming season.


    On the topic though it was clear that our defence was total shit, we not only need a LB but also a RB, Hughes is an excellent squad player that you can rely on. Well done Sourness yet more shit from a shit manager. MR SOURNESS is not a PROPER manager.

  14. We weren't that bad, played some good football in the first half. Emre looked really good, like him. Parker neat and tidy.

    Awful individual error from Elliott and terrible time to concede their first goal, poor communication between back four and keeper.



    We were second best, inept in most departments, yet again Master tactician Sourness packed the midfield, not that he had a great amount of choice, no width, but again that's his fault, he got rid of players that could have done that job, failed in defence, not just one error by Elliott, but totally inept and had an absolute howler of a game. Yes Sourness you were forced to this selection due to injuries, but who sold the cover? You did.


    For those who say we were not that bad, if that's all we've got I fear for our future in the premiership under this management team, yes Parker and Emre both had a good game, but that's what we should expect from a premier league team.


    Shearer was alone in attack and Bowyer became increasingly frustrated with the lack of basic football skills playing beside him.


    In summary the Master Tactician Mr Sourness produced another TFD. Beware, not long now till we visit Arsenal and play host to the SCUM, MR FAT CONTROLLER you need to act now, this is one of the worst starts and performances I have seen in a long time and sad to say I see no immediate chance of improvement.


    Well done Sourness you are beginning to formulate a team that you can be proud of. Pity you seem to be among the minority.


    I wonder who will now want to be away, if not now, at the end of the season?

  15. The answer has to be simple, we must win at all cost, with or without Sourness is fine, because what I want is success for NUFC.


    It does not alter how I'm feeling about the management and guidance the club is getting right now, nor am I happy with the views that are held in the football world about us. I guess that could all change if we start pulling a few results and get in the press for all the right reasons. Even though this may be a little optimistic, I can dream, my true wish is that this nightmare was over and Sourness was on his way, but not at the cost of losing to the Makems. NEVER! :lol:


    One game to look out for, BBR away, Sunday 18 September KO 2.00pm, maybe this will be the result we are all looking for, maybe this just might be the small price to pay.

  16. Mark Viduka is in danger of being priced out of a move to Newcastle after it emerged Middlesbrough will only sanction his sale should they recoup the £4.5m they paid Leeds 12 months ago.


    Although Steve McClaren is understood to be receptive to the idea of using Nicky Butt as a makeweight in a prospective deal, the Teessiders will also demand £2.5m.


    Graeme Souness, determined to improve his limited striking options, has stepped up his efforts to land the Australian who represents a cut-price alternative to Nicolas Anelka.


    Yet Boro's high valuation of the 29-year-old could still prove prohibitive to a manager who will again approach tomorrow's Intertoto Cup semi-final second-leg against Deportivo La Coruña with Alan Shearer and Michael Chopra as his only available attackers.


    Viduka has been on United's list of potential signings all summer, yet it is only now the Magpies have launched their move for a player who endured a mixed first season on Teesside.


    The former Elland Road favourite started 15 league fixtures last term as a result of a succession of fitness problems.


    And following the £7.5m acquisition of Yakubu - a one-time Souness target - the chance to cut their losses on Viduka would appeal to Boro, who are trying to offload one of their growing band of strikers.


    But while there is much negotiating to be done, it is clear that the Teessiders hold all the aces.


    While keen on Butt, McClaren is not desperate to recruit the 30-year-old and, with the Magpies known to be in dire need of strikers, Boro are in a strong position.


    The deal is likely to hinge on the respective sides' valuation of Butt.


    The Riversiders believe that he is worth no more than £2m and, given the manner of his debut campaign in the North-East following a £2.5m switch from Manchester United, it would be hard to see how United could expect to receive any more for the former England international.


    The bottom line is that the Magpies are more keen to part company with Butt than Boro are to offload Viduka. It is a situation which will have severely reduced Freddie Shepherd's bargaining powers.


    United officials could feel that a package worth £4.5m is too high for a player who managed just 12 minutes of domestic football this year.


    And although Newcastle will attempt to reduce the size of the payment the Teessiders will be willing to accept, it will not be a simple task.


    Despite Shepherd's assertion last week that United will not increase their respective bids for Anelka and Luis Boa Morte, Souness has not yet given up hope that he will have both players on board in time to face Arsenal on August 14 and discussions are ongoing.


    But, although he remains a huge admirer of Michael Owen, the Magpies boss knows he has little chance of signing the striker should Manchester United firm up their interest.


    Newcastle could still benefit even if the England star does opt for a move to Old Trafford. For Owen's arrival would push Louis Saha yet further down the pecking order and could pave the way for Souness to strike a deal for the Frenchman, who has already come under consideration this summer. Saha's agent confirmed last month that Newcastle had made an approach for the striker.


    And although he insisted Saha was keen to remain at Old Trafford, he admitted the arrival of a new attacker could change the situation considerably.


    Just read all this at icnewcastle and the Journal.

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