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  1. We'rrre doomed, captain Manwaring, doomed!!


    Look, I'm as disappointed as the rest of you. But to say things like it's his club the moment he took over is foolish. You all knew that the squad was weak and paper-thin when he took over. You also knew that we needed defenders. So what could he do?  Build from the back. I know that when Bobby was manager, there used to be times when every attack against us looked like it could result in a goal.


    Tactics are nothing when your team flounce about, shouting their mouths off and refusing to play. Top players won't sign for us when SBR was manager, so to act as if all this is a more recent thing is a tad naive.


    Yes, we're playing shite at the moment but for crying out loud. Give the man some breathing space, will you?


    However. I have said this before, and I'll say it again. If the team continues to be shite (starting from after the Man U. game, because I know we'll be hammered) I know where my loyalties will lie, and it won't be with the management.



    I don't think it's foolish at all, the minute he took over they were his team, his to work with, his to develop, his to set the tactics and so on and so on. They belonged to no-one else. I recall his statement" I am looking forward to working with such a strong squad of players" What happened then?


    A good manager will get the best out of what he has to work with and a bad manager?


    The squad that SBR left SOURNESS was IMO showing the cracks and weaknesses and so was SBR, and nobody can deny that. SOURNESS was the only manager that put his hat in the ring at the time, and as I recall, most other options turned us down.


    Look, he was given the dosh to strengthen from day 1, the Fat Controller backed him all the way with dosh, £30+million in 12 months is a lot of money to buy decent players, and I guess we've got a few now.


    To say he should be measured on his performance after the Man Ure game is bollocks, he should be measured after every game, you can't say we'll get hammered so that one does not count, every game counts. Each game represents 0,1 or even 3 points.

  2. The day Sourness took over at this club the team was his, no one elses. Part of his job was to sort out the dressing room, but I would also argue that he should manage the club to the best of his ability.


    FACT is his ability is just not good enough, he has rid the dressing room of the desruptive influence only to add more players of his own choosing, so whichever way you look at it, the team management was his responsibility from the day he joined and in the past 12 months we have regularly moved down the table.


    But never mind this is acceptable and we will give the team our undying support, but hey fellas, does'nt stop us from having our own opinions, at least we can, SOURNESS' team members can't. They get thrown out for having views, or even bullied, now that's good mismanagement.

  3. On the ins and outs there is no doubt that the Fat Controller has backed Sourness but what concerns me is that some of the cash that was splashed could have been better distributed and the cash that came our way was somewhat less than the true valuation of the players.


    Iguess that happens when you're desperate and generally talk down and ridicule your playing staff. We all know who is responsible for this and it is not the Fat Controller, it's the man in charge of team affairs, SOURNESS.

  4. SOURNESS buys


    Babayaro £1m

    Boumsong £8m

    Faye £2m

    Parker £6.5m

    Emre £3.8m

    Luque £9.5m


    SOURNESS sales


    Bernard £0.4m

    Hughes £1m

    O'Brien £2m

    Bellamy £5m


    I have not included any loan or undisclosed fees for future sales who may be on loan this season.


    That makes a net spend of around £22 million, now IMO that's surely a sign that the Fat Controller tends to back his manager and I guess if you look back over previous managers they had much the same deal from the Fat Controller.


    Sourness is the man who selects these players?

    Could they have been acquired for less?

    Could we have got more for the players who have left the club?

  5. This was just a game for the Fat Controler, he new that Owen would not be at Newcastle, yet another Rooney like master stroke, that gave the impression we had sufficient clout to spend this sort of money. Lets face it I bet a few supporters bought it, well TBH, we were finally fortunate enough to pull off one transfer and I fear that's yer lot mate.


    Regardless what anyone thinks, my opinion is simple, as long as I have a hole in my arse, SOURNESS will never make it as a manager. He is a TFD and I will not be convinced otherwise, no matter the signings he makes. He is wreckless in his management style, just take a look at him on match days, totally clueless and flanked by a row of muppets that know no better. Watch his touchline antics raging at almost everything outside his little box.

  6. Excuses are a given naturally, but the most likely thing to hear is:


    The players gave everything, worked hard and we just need a bit of luck and those attacking players to open the door, etc. etc.


    When what we need is somebody who doesn't dismantle a squad, take out all the creativity and goals and has some semblance of understanding of tactics, formations and basically isn't a prick!



    Not bad Papa, this is the only bit you forgot to add to your prediction, and I quote from the gob of SOURNESS "The second goal killed us. Having looked at the replay for ther second goal it was offside. "

  7. Watching the highlights, Stelios was clearly offside, and Shearer' was clearly pulled by Hunt. Wouldn't have been deserved, but it could have easily been a useful 1-1.



    Truly your name says it all, FFS we were crap and even if we had scored they would have raised their game, I bet we could'nt. Here I go with what ifs..... the FACT is we lost and we will continue to lose under this management team of arseholes headed by SOURNESS and the Fat Controller.


    The bigger what if we should ask is what if they were not in charge?

  8. I firmly believe most managers in the league could do a better job than Souness.


    I like the Burley suggestion, I have admired him for a while (I'm seeing Hearts on Saturday).


    Or we could go for someone like Mike Newell, and keep Shearer as his chief coach.


    You might scoff, but it has to be worth the risk. We need someone who knows how to use and motivate average players, because contrary to popular belief we haven't got £30M to hand out to every new manager we employ.


    Of course, I always wanted O'Neill, and believe we could have got him last year if we'd really pushed the boat out for him. But as we know, we made the mistake of not replacing Robson when we should, and now Shepherd has repeated the exact same mistake, for the 4th time in 7 years. It really beggars belief.  :wink2:



    I have this feeling that we have little choice but to run with what we've got, i might add that this would never be my choice cos Sourness is worse than useless.


    It is perilously close to the end of the transfer window and who would really want to take over at that time and put himself through hell with the fans and the press when it was going wrong, only an idiot, only someone who was desperate for a job, smacks of........have we been here before!!!!!!!!!

  9. To be fair (and I know I'm going to be challenged on this) Craig Moore is yet to feature in a competitive game for Newcastle United....


    I agree in that I am far from impressed of what I've seen of him previously, but then I also thought Craig Bellamy wasn't much use when we coughed up £6m for him....


    Lets see what he is like when he plays for us and THEN pass judgement on Souness's decision to buy him...


    Faye and Babayaro I'll give you - crap signings, but on the other hand I think Boumsong, Parker and Emre are awesome players...



    We all have our opinions of who is the best etc, but I think facts are very important. Craig Moore has not completed a competitive game for us, why, he's injured, how long will he be out, we don't know. FACT we can't judge. IMO it is expensive to pay a players wages before he's even started a game in the PL.


    Faye and Babyaro, crap signings who cost us £3m, Boumsong cost us £8m, not worth it. Fact is that Sourness thinks these guys are proper players and that makes it alright. I still fail to see the benefit of these signings, remind me who they replaced.


    On his man management skills He picked a fight with Bellamy to act the hard man to rid us of the problem, when the problem is still in charge of the team. We were on the decline at the end of last season and the results this season show no improvement. FACT.


    Sourness must have nightmares trying to put a team together from the squad of players he has. Who is responsible for the squad of players? SOURNESS of course.FACT

  10. Let us all be true to ourselves here and answer a few simple questions, where did we finish last season? Were we in decline and what was the overall trend to our performances under SOURNESS? I'll tell you the answer the lowest we have finished in the PL and guess what if you add the last 2 results on a cumulative basis we would be heading further down the table. Now please be realistic and answer this one, what do you expect to get in the next two games?


    There is little potential for success never mind simply scoring any goals, no width, weakened side through inept comings and goings and of course the usual injuries, but, hey, we're only two games into the season, nothing much to worry about.


    Whilst a few of the comings have been ok the outgoings leave me totally bemused, but I guess it is something to accept with such an inept fool of a manager in Mr SOURNESS.

  11. My prediction, we will score first, probably quite early and then either lose 2-1 or get battered about 4-1!



    Can't agree on this one Papa, we just will not score. A 35 year old with no pace left in him or even any real interest and a big gangling tossa up front masquerading as a footballer, do not fill me with confidence. I cant see us getting one especially if we can't crack a team down to 10 men in the last 35 minutes.


    I want us to win, I would love us to keep on getting the results even with SOURNESS as our manager, I'd love nothing better than for him to prove me wrong, but right now I'm dreaming, the reality is what happened on Saturday and who knows what we gonna have? I guess we just might end up battered :blink:

  12. The more I think about this one I am not so sure.


    I think in the short term and in the very near future Shearer and Roeder just might look after team affairs, but I am not sure Shearer would like the job on a permanent basis as early as this. Maybe in 2/3 years I have no doubt he would jump at the chance, he would not want to risk falling flat on his arse and that is the danger of picking something up after Sourness.


    :blink:  :razz:



    I agree Shearer may not want it, and i hope he has the sense to go nowhere near it, what i mean is whether he does it publically or behind close doors, fat boy will offer it to Shearer first, after all he's a geordie and what more does a manager need!



    Agreed, I hope he has the sense to say no, I'd much prefer he remained a Toon legend rather :nufc: than a fall guy.

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