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  1. Club were asked if they would like to buy them and disply in the club room, check out their response in the "follow up" article today.
  2. ...because that's what you do if you want to hold onto a valued employee. where does it all end, -loyal employee, never. Valued employee, maybe he WAS. AC saw big bucks and so did the agent, who can blame them, what a windfall for them. Tell me honestly that you would not go for that. IMO this will rumble on and the Fatman will be laughing all the way to the bank, will he re-invest some or all of he £35 million, never, I guess it's only 35 casino visits.
  3. I don't come at it from quite as cynical a pov as that but the last four words from you are exactly my thoughts on the organisation as a whole. similar view tbh, after all of the hype at the beginning, change in direction and status etc. Not renewed and no intention of wasting a tenner on this.
  4. Jackie Sinclair sadly passed away today, aged 67, he played 52 games for the toon and was a regular with the winning FAIRS CUP Team. RIP Jackie
  5. We did not even have to kick a ball tonight. well done, job done lads!
  6. stinking could'nt care less attitude, bunch of waste of space arseholes, no exceptions!
  7. Good job they are poor finishers, we are shite, hardly had the ball
  8. the answer to the question......... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! As long as the show is owned and run by such a pair of liars, cheats, cheapskates etc they will not get a penny of my money! And before you all say fairweather supporter, I have paid my money to equally bad owners, but not worse, over the past 50 years. This last lot of owners and performances was a a bit too much for me. Fuck Ashley and all he's done to my support and to our club.
  9. The norm for the last season and more, just change the names from any of the 11 on the pitch. Boring crap TBH
  10. Another one of Fat Sams great signings bites the dust, good riddance, still cannot understand why any other coach at Newcastle included him in the team
  11. lack of ambition and all we have achieved is to add a few more less than average players. Time will tell, maybe I'm proved wrong and one or two are good enough, we are promoted and they are better than average players in the PL.
  12. Totally agree, average, even for this division, sums up ambition and aspirations. Well what are we supposed to do??? Boo the cunt? Surely that's going to make the situation worse? I think people not expecting too much from him, might be not too bad. Who expects nothing can only get pleasently surprised anyway. And although people have their reservations it is not as if people do hate him right from the start. He has also the benefit of people not expecting too much from the likes of Ameobi and Carrol either. So at the moment he probably starts with being the least of three evils. Ob
  13. Totally agree, average, even for this division, sums up ambition and aspirations.
  14. As bad as the squad is a present I still reckon we'd have a decent chance of surviving in the PL in it's current state, I'd have us better than Wolves, Burnley, Hull, Portsmouth and close to Bolton, Wigan etc. And just about all of them will be in a fight for survival towards the end of the season.... if , IF we are promoted this is what we have to look forward to, can't wait for next season and yet another shit display of football with this lot!
  15. I don't like this system of playing 2 defensive midfield players. Never have. You can see why Keegan liked Guthrie, he is the only forward midfield player we have that looks around him in possession and tries to play the ball around, not a top player mind but has the bit extra about him. Forest and WBA are by far better footballing teams than us. Before the game a draw would have been OK yesterday but having played against 10 men for all the 2nd half and changing the system too late, it is 2 points lost. Guthrie was shite, is shite and less than average even playing in this league,
  16. Hard to see why Keith Harris would not want to broker a deal for us, he makes money if successful. Strikes me that FMA really put big fat foot into any possibility of a deal, and we all know the outcome
  17. How many times will I hear or read this this season, Just shows how far we have fallen from the top flight. On this performance we will be very fortunate if we are promoted as champions!
  18. Joey Barton is so predictable, he'll be booked on a regular basis, even sent off, lose his temper and basically let himself and the other players down. More than likely he'll get injured sooner rather than later. Most of which will happen within 4 weeks of his glorious comeback. Just get rid at any price, total wanker.
  19. Any small rivers around.......... pm please
  20. We had a lucky escape, if there was really any chance of Moat buying the club. IMO it was never going to happen, Moat is a sorry excuse for a Toon fan. The more that is revealed the more I do not like. Did this guy really bid for the club? Anyone else heard this? Was it £38mill plus rest over 4 seasons, if it's been said before on any posts, sorry?
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