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Found 4 results

  1. I've been thinking this week about strikers at the club and will we ever see someone as good as Shearer again? I doubt it. What prompted the thoughts was me watching the derby against Sunderland where he scored his final goal. I remember the scenes in the away end that day, different class. He scored some pearlers for us in his time here, without doubt my favourite ever player at the club (Beardsley in a close second). What's your favourite goal? This one for me, purely for the memories of the whole stand absolutely bouncing when it went in. It was a tight game and the mixture of relief and jubilation will always stay with me. What a player.
  2. Two of the great players of my lifetime. Who was the greatest?
  3. Im exactly the same as the fans at the minute - Im one of them. I pay for my ticket and Im the same. I am entitled to my opinion. It hasnt been pleasant watching to be honest. Its been poor. With Newcastle in the bottom three going into the dark evenings Shearer feels that the problems at United havent just unfolded overnight. He said: It has been poor since January this year, The quicker we can get out of it the better. But he feels a tough scrap against relegation could lie ahead. He said: I dont hold too much hope for us this season. I think it could be a long hard season for us. Pardew will prepare his players for another crunch fixture on Saturday against Leicester amidst a backdrop of pressure with sections of the Toon Army still on his back. Now Shearer believes there can be no excuses going into the battle with former Newcastle coach Nigel Pearsons newly promoted Foxes. Shearer said: Nobody can make any excuses. The simple fact is we havent been good enough. You can make whatever excuses you want. Injuries, too many games or confidence. Put all of that to one side, the simple fact of the matter is we just have not been good enough. We havent been unlucky. We havent been ravaged by injuries. We havent been done by dodgy decisions. We just havent been good enough. Its simple. Thats the harsh reality of it. Things have to improve and they have to improve pretty quickly or we could find ourselves in a hole.
  4. I'm black and white through and through. That will never change no matter what league we're in and will still keep turning up to St. James Park. But the Keegan trials and tribulations need to be spoken about from as neutral as possible. And I do not believe that he cares about the club as much as you or I would like to think. But from the figure that he wanted from the court case, had he got it, could of potentially spoilt any takeover and put the club into administration. I was asked whether I thought Keegan would take the money if it would put us into admin, and my answer is yes! I understand that the agreement was not met on Ashleys side, but if he loved the club why sue? I was also asked by a fellow magpies fan what should of happened with the money if he loved the club? He said that why didnt he donate it to the academy, or training facilities. Also why not hold on to it until new owners and then donate it to the club? Simple, he doesnt love us as much as we love him. And the fans need to stop treating the Kevs and Shearers as gods. Now to the legend No. 9, Shearer. Loved him as a player, loved and still love his dedication to the Toon, but he should not manage the club (at least not yet). He is not mature enough as a 'manager' to take charge. Bellamy was sold because Shearer didnt like him and refused to play alongside of him. Look at him now, one of the next best things we had after Shearer and look what he is still doing. And also the way he treated Joey Barton when he was in charge end last season. If he doesnt like the player, he would get rid. But Barton in this case is one of the harder working players we have, plenty of skill and great vision. Never mind the off pitch antics and the attitude, I think he needs to play, period. Shearer only has the experience of playing, and the respect from the players and fans, but no experience of managing a team at all. All you have to do is look at Southgate and Keane. Neither of them have amounted to anything, and I would hate that to happen to Shearer.
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