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Actim Index.

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The Actim Index is the new official ratings system for the Barclays Premiership and has been statistically proven to identify the best players.

Each player earns points based on their positive actions during the game (such as shots, saves and tackles), their time on the pitch, the final match result and goals scored.


What is Actim?


Actim is the brand name for the official data of the FA Premier League. The data is used to produce Actim Stats.


What are Actim Stats?


Actim Stats are a collection of team, player and match statistics. They are derived from all actions that take place during a match, including goals, shots on target, corners, fouls, offsides, passes, tackles, blocks and clearances.


What is the Actim Index?


The Actim Index is the official player rating system of the Barclays Premiership.


How is the Actim Index calculated?


Complex mathematical formulae, devised through analysis of hundreds of games since the start of the Premiership in 1992, calculate the value of each player's contribution, match by match. In simple terms, the Actim Index comprises four calculations:


Calculation 1 - Assesses a player’s contribution to a winning team, based on points won by the team when he appeared.


Calculation 2 – Assesses a player’s performance in each game by allocating points for actions that positively contribute to a winning performance such as shots, tackles, clearances and saves. It also takes points away from players for negative actions such as yellow/red cards and shots off target.


Calculation 3 – Allocates points based on time of the pitch.


Calculation 4 – Allocates points for goal scorers.


The Actim Index only includes actions that can be measured objectively.


How are the Actim stats produced?


Match data is gathered for every Barclays Premiership game. The data is gathered by two methods - real-time match analysis and analysis of video footage.


What is the purpose of the Actim Index?


The Actim Index has numerous purposes:


i) It identifies the players who make key contributions during games.


ii) It allows players to be ranked against each other, regardless of position.


iii) It highlights the key players in the Barclays Premiership or in individual teams.


iv) It reflects the form of a player or team.


v) Individual player/team performances can be scientifically analysed over a season or period of time within a season.


The Actim Index aims to identify successful players who contribute to winning performances. However, rewards for team success are only part of the final rating.


Players on losing teams can still score points in other areas. The view is that players deserve recognition for contributing to team success but should still be able to score points if their team draws or loses.

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