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Probably a shitty colour because that's what he is.



Is that supposed to be funny?



Aren't you laughing?


Nor am I actually. But I don't (unlike the other feller) believe it was meant in any racist way. I still believe that in the right team Shola can do a good job. Just not (at the moment) in black and white,.

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Not sure what happened last night but this was my post:


Was out last night with a good friend who coaches for Walker Central Football Club. As we all know this has provided NUFC with quite a few youth players over the years, one in particular Shola Ameobi who made it to the first team.


I was suprised to hear that when he was asked to come and present the kids with their trophies at the end of the season he declined. Apparently he has been asked on several occassions and either refused point blank or agreed to do it and not turned up. I was astounded to find out that not once has he done any presentation or work for the club and this was when his younger brother was still playing for them who coincidentally is now playing for NUFC youth team.


Instead Shola has always left these 'chores' to the real local lads, Clarky and Watson.


Personally i think this is a fucking disgrace as this was the club who taught him his trade and this is how he repays them, he can't even be arsed to give them an hour of his time.


He's shit and a wanker as well, nice one Shola.


I put it down to him being to embarrassed to show his face because even though he's earning x amount of pounds every week the same club was having to shell out for his brothers boots every season because he didn't have any of his own, lets hope if he makes he doesn't forget such gestures.

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I couldn't care less. He could have personally carved the trophies himself, whittling the wood with his fingernails, and i'd still not want him playing for us, because he's SHITE.


On the other hand, Michael Owen could have told them to fuck off, then stole their goalposts in the night, and pissed on their front door; and I'd still want him to play for us.

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Bollocks, when I was still in 6th form he was in the school a number of times giving talks etc etc on various stuff to the kids in the lower years.



The only one talking bollocks is you my friend. He may have been into the schools doing talks, probably because he has been told he has to, by the club but he certainly hasn't been back to his old club Walker Central for their presentation nights.


I wouldn't have put it on here if i thought it wasn't true, believe me it's from a good source. If you read the post properly you'll see i didn't mention anything about schools.


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