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Warning over clingfilm 'condoms'

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This is from last year but what the f*ck...


Cash-strapped teenagers are using clingfilm and crisp packets as condoms because they cannot afford the real thing, say experts.

Sexual health experts say these improvised contraceptives not only do not work - but do not offer protection against disease.


The Family Planning Association is calling for more government money for free contraceptives.


Consultant Peter Greenhouse said: "This happens when people are desperate."


Mr Greenhouse, who also set up the first integrated sexual health clinic in Ipswich in 1991 and is now based at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, said that such practices were common in the UK's poorest areas.


  These young people are so poverty stricken they cannot even afford the bus fare to get into town, so how can they afford condoms?


Mr Peter Greenhouse, consultant in sexual health 

He said: "The use of crisp packets and cling film is something anyone who has been working in sexual health for any period of time knows.


"These young people are so poverty stricken they cannot even afford the bus fare to get into town, so how can they afford condoms?


"The message about sexually transmitted diseases has got through to teenagers but they don't have the money to implement the advice.


Low spending


Mr Greenhouse works at the city's Milne Centre for Sexual Health turns away 550 people a week.


The city has less than half the average number of sexual health doctors and nurses working in the rest of the UK.


He said: "Some areas such as Bristol are struggling where spending is historically dangerously low compared to other parts of the country.


"We cannot stay in this poverty trap. Young people need access to clinics and need to be aware of the failure rate of various contraceptives and advised that the condom is not always the most economical or effective form."


The Family Planning Association wants to see condoms freely available in doctors' surgeries throughout the country.


A spokeswoman backed calls for better funding for clinics.


The government has ordered a review of the modernisation of sexual health clinics in the wake of a highly critical report by the Health Select Committee last year.


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Know a lad i used to go to school with who shagged a bird in a forest with a salt and vinegar crisp packet as protection, he turned it inside out so the lass got the flavour!  :blink:



\o/ \o/

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Guest Ravindra Dasarwar

Condoms are prosperous to use, freely open and protects against unclaimed pregnancies, HIV and STIs. So the Condoms are the best way for safe sex and now most of the teenagers who sexually active are get acknowledged with this use of condoms for the safe sex.Abstinence, condoms, an individual victuals or a vasectomy. These are the quadruplet protective options open to men. But ethical now, Condoms are the only sincere choice for sexually activist teens.The real observation was gathered from 4,600 teens from all over the Confederative States. Awareness of open spread Sexually Transmitted Diseases is such higher now and there is a great assemblage solon way to assemblage on the steps to deal for interference and overlook since 2002.



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#1 i did not approve the account with "cheapcondomsonline" as it's name, but wheoever did well done!

#2 Well done spambot on searching for a relative thread to post this in.

#3 Parky this might be your solution to the other thread :D

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