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With 8 figure sums being thrown around for the likes of Bent and Downing, would you rather over pay for mediocre English players or have a team full of foreigners?



Have a team full of Shola's. :blush:


Having 10 clones in a team would surely be off putting to the opposition tbh. Could work.

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English players are a rip off. Especially if they've been capped.


As much as I'd love to see a Gerodie Nation :blush: with 11 local lads playing and managed by Sheera, I couldn't really give a shit as long as we're winning things.


Ideally, we get the blend right of lercal lads from the youth team coming through and any foreigners with the right sort of attitude-Nobby for example.

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I'm not sure if it is anymore.


He's young, and seems to be very capable of scoring goals at premiership level when playing in an average team. That guarentee of goals is worth alot of money.


So whilst its stupid money, its what he's likely to go for these days, and the fact he's English obviously increases the fee.


And to think we could have had him for abour 2 or 2.5m back when we got Ambrose if rumours are to be believed.

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Isn't this the same Darren Bent we tracked for 3 seasons and failed to sign, choosing Bramble ahead of him, now wonder Robson got sacked



Bramble was a striker? Definitely a bit silly us playing him in defence the whole time then.

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