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I just booked to go to NYC with my gf at the end of November and I have a a between seeing the NY Giants at Giants Stadium or NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden.


Giants is more expensive and further away but will probably be more enjoyable, yet Ive always fancied going to madison square garden?


Anyone been before?

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Giants stadium is being knocked down soon, so I would go there, but MSG is also slated for demolition too. Plus you you can see ice hockey in this country too, although obv. not as good/hyped.


And go to Yankee Stadium, that's being torn down too. I don't know why they go on about NY being the most expensive real estate, somehow both MSG and the new Yankee stadium are being built across the road from the originals

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I went to NYC in November a couple of years ago, no xmas decorations were up like, saw the Knicks at the Garden too, class.


Look out for a huge market running most the length of one of the Avenues (one along from Lexington iirc) some class stuff and awesome food on sale.


Keep toot for the New York aids puffs, they are 10 a penny. Mincing up and down 5th Avenue, swaning in and out of the designer stores with their hangers on.


Tip, if you want some hardcore loving take your lass (you don't want to compare her against my lass btw!) on a midnight horse and carriage ride around Central Park. Wor lass finally caved in to bum sex after that. £30 quid well spent, although I couldn't help think I could've nicked out the hotel one night and got it from a hooker for cheaper!

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I would go NHL obviously, but they say if you want a true hockey game atmosphere you have to go watch one of the Canadian big boys. Especially as up until the last couple of seasons where they've pulled it round, the Rangers were getting booed just about every home game. Sound familiar?


I'm a hockey advocate too.


Saw two Tampa Bay Lightning games Xmas 2005 and they were really an amazing experience.


Probably not so much without the festivities, but still it's not a dull game to watch at all. NFL is a bit too stop-start for my liking (ok hockey is as well, but it's a little more fluid).

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