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Ticketing Question

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Will be visiting the UK in October and was looking at the opportunity to come to a Toon match which would probably be the home game against Tottenham. Coming from Australia i'm not familiar with the ticketing system for the Premier League and SJP in particular. What are my chances of getting 3 seats together and what is the best way to go about it?

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If you email the ticket office, they'll help you out.


When I contacted them, I think they tried quite hard to make sure I got some because I was coming from Jersey.


Since you're coming from Australia, you'll probably get a free car.


Nah, a free season ticket, make a big thing in the press about how generous we are then tell you its non-transferrable.

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cheers, thanks for the help, could do with that new car too ;) if anyone could pm me the email address for the ticketing office it would be greatly appreciated.


The tickets for the Spurs game are already on sale (got mine on Thursday) so if you want three together you would be advised to try as early as possible.


I don't know their e-mail address, but you can get their phone number from nufc.co.uk (once you phone, you will be put in an automatic queueing system and could well have to wait around ten minutes which is a bind, but at least you know you're gonna get seen to eventually). The ticket office will help you out as best as possible.

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