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  1. Ahh, thank you
  2. http://youtu.be/OFro7RlKzE8 Just read the Materialism thread, too late
  3. what a fucking disgrace
  4. Introductions

    Real Name: Daniel Age: 23 Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia Whereabouts: Melbourne, Australia Job: Student, also work in a Warehouse sized Liquor Store Favourite Club: Newcastle Favourite Band: many; Radiohead, Say Anything, The Butterfly Effect, RHCP, Black Keys (to name a few) Favourite Food: love a nice steak, also quite like Italian Favourite Drink: Jameson, various forms of Beer Favourite Place: Great Ocean Road and the towns along it, South West of Melbourne Favourite Tv Show(s): The Wire, Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Justified, to name a few Favourite Film: never been able to narrow it down to one, or even a few Footballing Heroes: Shearer, Solano, Speed, Guus Hiddink (for the work he did with Australia) Footballing Villains: Gerrard, Suarez, Liverpool, Totti, Blatter Other Teams: Football - Melbourne Victory, FSV Frankfurt; Australian Rules - Geelong; NFL - Ravens Other Sports: Australian Rules, NFL, Rugby League Role Model(s): Parents, Grandparents Plans For The Future: Save enough to travel around Europe again, save some more to travel elsewhere, maybe then finally decide on a career path 5 Things To Do Before You Die: See the Toon at SJP again, Travel more, Have a job I don't loathe showing up to each day, Own my own house, Start a family
  5. The main question for me is what was Kevin Costner doing? Bad form for a bodyguard to lose their primary
  6. 18 please
  7. would greatly appreciate a link please
  8. After the goal at around 2:20 it cuts to the crowd, there's clearly two blokes in there. Unless they're very manly women, or are Turkish Benjamin Buttons
  9. Pardew was saying something about wanting to hand Elliot a debut to avoid all the supposed questioning he'd be getting about when he would have a first start, as he foresees a lot of bench time