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Joe Kinnear looks for Championship stars at NUFC

Dec 18 2008 by Lee Ryder, Evening Chronicle


JOE Kinnear has revealed he may have to dip into the Championship in January in order to bolster his paper-thin Newcastle United squad.


Injuries this season have exposed the frailties of United’s roster this term but Kinnear says he is looking forward to strengthening his side when the transfer window reopens on January 1.


Kinnear is renowned for his wheeler dealer qualities in the game and has no qualms about picking up talent available in the Football League.


And on a day when Kinnear awoke to headlines from Mike Ashley claiming he was better than Fabio Capello, the Toon boss has met with the owner to discuss which players he is allowed to bid for.


Wolves star Michael Kightly is certainly one player who has been scouted by Dennis Wise this season but the former Chelsea man has also been spotted at Watford with John-Joe O’Toole also linked.


Kinnear said today: "I have spoken to him (Ashley) about various areas where I want improve.


"We’ll wait and see.


"We need to strengthen the whole squad, there will be a cap.


"I may have go into the Championship and buy there, I always have done."


And speaking on the glowing reference from Ashley comparing him with the England boss, JK joked: "I already knew that!


"I saw the article and was surprised in many ways it makes a change from the normal ones, it is Christmas."


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Is it not just paying for the running costs of the club?




That covered 10 years, so take out £155M (transfers, Finance and Shareholders), it takes about £50M a year to run the club.


Don't we get about £40M a year TV money?


No way is he not in hefty profit with his transfer record.


That's what's been bemusing me with the transfers, I can't see how we've not got a cash build up somewhere unless something major has changed that I'm missing.


Don't think it's that likley that any of the better players from the higher teams in the Championship will be keen to let their players leave cheaply. Rather than potentially upset the balance for a small payout now, they'll be pushing to crack it into the Premier League for a much bigger pay off. Even still, there's some good players there - so I don't begrudge them for looking there. Plus there should be less of a change for these players as compared to those from foreign leagues.

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eh? where does larsson fit into the team like, dont need a winger. warnock imo


Larsson can play quite comfortably in the centre, can't he?


As far as Warnock goes, I don't think a change of manager would be the best thing for us right now.

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