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  1. Unfortunately, I think he will be pardewed... and a five year deal??? Wonder what the clause is in his new contract when/if Crystal Palace go down.
  2. I think Jamie will be the one to do her in. That prophecy said that her children would die and that she would be killed by her younger sibling which could be Tyrion but it could also be Jamie as he was born after her. And with the fact that she did what Jamie had dishonored himself to prevent (killing the king to prevent him blowing up King's Landing with Dragon Fire) he would now have a reason to.
  3. Rumored to be 13m for Ritchie though... is he worth that?
  4. To Crystal Palace... He will most definitely be Paredewed
  5. You still have a ways to go before you catch up to us! USA! USA!
  6. You forgot to mention the shooting of an endangered species used during a torch ceremony... http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/21/americas/brazil-jaguar-shot-dead/index.html
  7. Here's another (unimportant) question about that episode... but where was Ghost during the battle?
  8. Now hold on a second.... I am totally accepting of generalizations about Americans and a lot of the time agree... HOWEVER, grouping myself and the rest of my countrymen along with CT is too much and I will not stand for it! but then again, he would probably vote for Trump is he was American...
  9. If I ever get through Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain I will have to give this a go...
  10. Will I be able to get into this game if I never played the first two???
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