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Probably for Rob W and similar age

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Some more old pics - still don't help you I'm afraid Shints....






That second one is how I remembered the place when I first started going to matches.


Same for me. The earliest match I can remember was a 0:2 defeat to Chelsea. Was right down the front clinging onto the fence singing/yelling my head off. Can't remember the year. I think it must have been about 10 or something so prob 87 ish?

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Rob won't be able to help you Berb... wrong side of the ground mate.


Found this snap of him parking up over on Barrack Road... :D









:) cheeky young fucka show some respect






Aa only have one and its for weddings and funerals man - the silk muffler is best wear


Anyone who wore a tie must have had a posh seat.............................

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