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Lovenkrands rushed to hospital

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DANISH star Peter Lovenkrands was taken to hospital with a serious back injury after being hurt shortly before half-time in today's match against Chelsea.


But his condition was later stabilised by doctors after he was given oxygen in the dressing-room.


Alan Shearer revealed afterwards: "Peter got a very, very nasty knock on his back and he was struggling to breathe.


"We had to put breathing apparatus on him when he got into the dressing-room.


"He went to hospital and they've stabilised him and hopefully he will be okay."

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What a wimp had the wind knocked out of him and he goes to hospital :lol: took him forever to get off the pitch as well they should have just dragged him off so we could get on with the match.

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Ambulance crews bang everyone on 15L of oxygen, even patients with chronic chest problems that it's actually quite bad for, it's not that worrying.



He got stuck on the oxygen behind the goal at the gallowgate end. They stopped there for about 10 minutes while wheeling him around on the stretcher. At first it looked as tho he was taking a fit but I guess it was a panic attack which can sometimes occur when breathing is difficult.

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