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What do you know?


This BOD's attracts some IDIOT NEW bidder with the emphasis on idiot.


The last time we were up for sale Sheard was going to recruit the services of Beckham but he went to some other small time club on loan.


Sheard is a nutcase and certainly not on any planet that I am on, also he's a Huddersfield Supporter and no doubt using this to get free entry on Wednesday.


Only Assley and Lame-arse could be associated with an alleged bid from lunatic Sheard.


Maybe I'm over-reacting but I wonder how much more bullshit will be reported whilst this arsehole owns us?


On top of that Ashley's probably attempting to use this as a means of hurrying Moat up or getting him to increase his bid. :icon_lol:

that’s what I think too, just like those ‘low profile’ tours by prospective buyers a month ago and “we have at least 2 bids in”.


They’ve been spending too much time at the casino playing poker.

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Sheard isnt buying it. He has effected introductions, thats all


Is your source any good?


I dont need a source.


I can say what I see




OMG he iz reelly ITK!!11!!1!1

He's Lee Ryder. :icon_lol:

He seems clued up though tbf.


Sounds more like Roy Walker.

He's good, but he's not right.

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He went bankrupt a while back if I remember correctly :\ A friend of mines family bought the house he used to live in. His brother (I think) is the groundsman for the football pitch behind my house, and the whole Sheard family have a reputation of being *OMG CANT SAY!!1!*

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