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  1. I reckon it's a decent signing. It's an extra body, he's neat and tidy, has a good engine and won't let us down. He's an upgrade on gosling, bigi, Jonas and marveaux in the middle of the park. He doesn't take us forward though as he's very similar (no better) to Anita in my eyes.
  2. Paddy Power are giving £30 away... Suarez to score at any time is 3/1 to new accounts, the normal price is 3/10. Maximum bet is £10 otherwise I'd be all over it.
  3. Absolutely pathetic display from beginning to end. Pardew has been hung out to dry by the FCB, but the lack of urgency and passion is on him. But it's easy to simply blame the manager, the players have to stand up and perform. No excuses for some of the bad decision making by HBA, Tiote and Sissoko in particular.
  4. The deflection off demechilis makes the decision worse. Hart was beaten all ends up, the deflection takes it even further away from him. I assumed he thought gouff had touched it but seemingly not. It's a staggeringly incompetent decision. I really didn't see the mym tackle as red. It was a regulation cynical yellow card challenge - you see two a week in the prem. The fact that Nasri is injured is clouding people's judgement.
  5. Looks like the president is not quite on the verge of a bidding war...
  6. Andy flower alluded to the fact that England haven't scored 400+ for a very long time. The signs were there for a while, our top order have basically been found out, Australia have spotted weaknesses and had the patience to bowl to very good plans and the England players have been unable or unwilling (KP) to adapt. The bowling in the main has been good, but Johnson was head and shoulders above everyone else.
  7. Classic example of someone who needed time to settle in to a new league. He's been instrumental in our good run of form. You can also see why he was such a fans favourite at Lille, he works very hard.
  8. I don't think any of that lot can replace him. He's head and shoulders more influencial than any of them, he controls matches for us. Both Tiote and Cabaye look much more saleable assets this season than last, so we've got to expect better offers in the next two windows.
  9. Nah, thankfully it was through a recruiter so I just told them i'm not gonna be there monday. i sent the chief exec a courtesy email, but he's not responded. Now got a week off before I start in new role.
  10. Over the moon.... Got the new role.. Today's my leaving drinks so a night on the celebratory sauce awaits.
  11. I take it back.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/8252347.stm Williamson, for the same reason..
  12. I'd go for Shola, he's probably never won it in 13 years. If not this month it'll be never...
  13. They know that I have another offer and that my notice is in and they've moved very quickly to get me in twice. That's one of the reasons I feel pretty confident of getting an offer from them.
  14. Me too. Cheers I think it's very unlikely TBH. It's whether they have the contacts and venom to muddy my name more widely within the industry.
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